In park charges to resort

I understand you can charge food to your resort using a MagicBand. However, I’ve also read that mobile food orders cannot be charged to your resort. This makes a big difference as we decide how we are going to pay for stuff once we get there. Are there other surprises like this we should be aware of? Where could we find a list of exactly what can and can not be charged to the resort?

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Everything you can use your magic band to pay for can be charged to your room

Mobile food orders, G+, ILL do not scan a magic band, so those cannot be charged to your room.

Nearly everything else (ordering food in person, stroller rentals, souvenirs) can scan the magic band and be charged to your room.

I believe many stores in Disney Springs do not take magic band and would need a CC - but I’ll let the experts (@OBNurseNH ) chime in there!


There are some

Which is consistent with my statement that if you can use your MB to pay it can charge to your room.

Maybe I’m not quite understanding the question?

It’s been 6+ years since we’ve been. I didn’t realize that purchases using the MDE app could not be charged to the resort. (It’s all linked, why wouldn’t they enable that? Maybe on our next trip.)
Anyway, thanks! This is really helpful!


I think you understood it! I just didn’t know WHICH stores in DS took MB. If the OP was trying to get specific, I thought you might know which ones took it (I assume World of Disney, but don’t know any other ones)

Oh gotcha!

I think the vast majority do

But I always carry a card along with my ID anyway. Because you never know when the system will crash and render MB and MDE mobile useless! So I would just be prepared in that way.


Ok, so… if I’m buying in park souvenirs and pay at the cash register, it can go to the resort. If I use Merchandise Mobile Checkout, it cannot. Correct?!


Other thing to keep in mind is that if you have a Disney Visa, which gives you a small discount in select stores and sit down restaurants, the discount only applies if you use your card for purchase. If it charges to your room and then you use the Visa, the discount won’t apply.


Correct. But in the mobile app you can use the Disney Visa for a discount.


It can charge to the resort, yes, if paying at register.

Also— side note— in the app you can track your charges!

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And the mobile app automatically applies discounts like DVC and AP.


Related question - If I get some discounted gift cards from Sam’s, I’m assuming I can use them to pay for things like G+ or ILLs through the MDE app as well as mobile food orders? If its an e-certificate, are they able to also key it in at the register for any counter purchases?

You’ll have to enter the info every time as the app will not hold Gift Cert info

They can scan the barcode at any physical point of sale

Thank you, I assumed as much, but at least keying it in for G+ wouldn’t be terrible in the morning at the hotel. Don’t know if I want to hassle with rekeying for mobile orders when out and about though.


Many people will save the information to a note in their phone so they can copy/paste for quicker and accurate entry of the information at time of us.


This. I do this all the time. And it means only one adult needs to keep the card instead of DH & I handing it back & forth to each other or each having separate gift cards that get used disproportionately.


It is super easy and less of a hassle than it seems.

Be sure to enter the GC into that registers your card and lets you transfer between cards. I put most of my money on one card, but keep the other in the case I lose the one with the money. Than I could quickly transfer the balance to a different card.