In park ADR to get early access to rides

Saw a post on this forum about making 8 AM ADR reservations for Garden Grill in Epcot to get early access to Soarin. Sounds like a great strategy to me to get an early start. Does this strategy work at other parks too? What restaurant and what rides at the other parks?

Yes. MK BOG for 7DMT, HS Hollywood and vine for easy fast Jedi training sign-up. EP get a jump on FEA with Askerus

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Just did Garden Grill on Wednesday. Was not able to get an 8am ADR but had one for 8:30. Got in just before 8am and checked in. Seated by 8:05, ate, got the check and was at Soarin by 8:40 without really rushing. As has happened on several occasions they opened early. Did the first ride of the day with only 6 people on the entire ride. Ended up riding twice before the masses arrived. What a way to start the day.


GG and BOG are awesome ways to get a fun early breakfast and a jump on the crowds!

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My oh-so-careful planning this past year with an 8 am ADR for BOG on Dec. 24 became worthless when, before Christmas, WDW changed MK’s opening to 7 am for the entire Christmas week. This seems to be their pattern now for the peak attendance weeks. Does anyone have any insights on the possibility of earlier openings becoming more common throughout the year as attendance overall seems to be increasing, even during historically lower attendance days?

Is the HS Hollywood & Vine breakfast an option for the Fantasmic! Dinner Package?

Yup, HS H&V breakfast can be done with Fantasmic!

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There are certain times where this always happens. Christmas week, Easter week, July 3rd & 4th, Thanksgiving. There may be other times too which I’ve left out.

If it ever didn’t happen at those times it would be surprising. I know when we went at Christmas 2016, those hours were only updated a couple of weeks before at most, but I knew to expect it. The only thing that gets usually screwed up by this are those PPO breakfasts, as most people will just be glad of the extra hour in the park.

Sometimes they will add EMH after the 180 day window. It seems unlikely though they would add an entire week of extra EMH at other times imo.

Well, when I go again (which will not be at Christmas!) I will again try for some PPO ADR’s at MK. We were able to do this during Christmas week at Epcot, and it was such a wonderful experience (walking from Int’l Gateway down to Garden Grill) to feel like we had the whole park to ourselves!

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