In line when park closes?

What happens if one is in line when the park closes?

It’s no problem. You can get in line one minute before the park officially closes. We actually like doing this for rides like FOP and 7DMT.

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Like DreamLaughImagine said, and ALOT of people don’t know this, you can get in line for any attraction exactly 1 minute before the park closes and it does not matter how long the line is, you’ll get on the attraction.

I watched people get in line to FoP like 5 minutes before the park closes, and the line was posted at i think 75 minutes and they were allowed to wait and get on the ride.

This is true. There is one caveat to this (which happened to us exactly once). We got in line just before the park closed (forget which ride). After quite a long wait, the ride broke down. So, we were forced to leave the line and leave the park with no ride. Unlike in other cases where you could choose to stay in line if the ride breaks down for a while, after the park closes, they will likely just kick you out instead. (Well, not LITERALLY kick you out!)

But, as I said, this is rather rare…but it can happen.

If I got in line for 7DMT at 10:55pm, and have a 30 minute wait to ride, will we still be able to see the “Kiss goodnight” as we leave the park?

Closing at 11pm, kiss goodnight usually happens roughly 30 minutes afterwards so you’d probably still hear it.

Edit: I remember that it plays every 30 minutes after park closing so you should be good.