In line during park closing?

What happens if you’re in line at the time the park closes?

The last time this happened to us (a few years ago…) we were in line for Tower of Terror close to closing time… a CM came to the end of the line and gave us a sign to hold that said no one could get in line behind us. By the time we got off the ride, the park was officially “closed.” Not sure if they still do it this way, but it was a pretty good system at the time.

I believe during my last trip they closed some lines in Universal early so that they would close on time.

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If you are in line by the time the park closes (regular hours or HHN) they’ll let you ride/experience the attraction. Don’t worry they won’t kick you out. Do note that if a ride is very very new they might close the line earlier than park closing to guarantee the ride closes for work on time.

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