Improving MDE

Alright so this is mostly just a thought that my BF and I had while at the park a little bit ago, but I wondered if others have thought about this. Wouldn’t it be amazing if through the MDE account and therefore tied to your magicband was all you discount info and your age with a picture? Think about it, you go to get a snack and drink from Flame tree and when you scan your magic band it automatically takes off the AP/DCV/TiW discounts if you have them. Meaning no more asking at every location and inevitably forgetting! Then you order a beer and a pic of you with your age pops up on the cast members screen - no more attempting to find an ID lost in your park bag!

I know some people are worried about tracking or Disney having their info but in my opinion they already have my info from previous trips and this would make things so much easier!

you are giving Disney IT soooooooooo much more credit than they have demonstrated they deserve.

But good thoughts, all!

One issue is that if you rent points, it is possible for the owner’s details to be assigned to the person renting. And also discounts only apply to those named on the deeds, not partners or children automatically. It is up to the owner to either opt in or opt out, don’t know which. Some do, some don’t, some can’t be bothered and some forget.

So they could link MDE to the “register” of DVC / AP. But then that would be done when? Real-time would be the only safe way to check up-to-date status.

This is why they insist you show the card and id. Otherwise they would be giving discounts to those who don’t qualify. Would you be happy for people to get discounts they hadn’t paid for?

I guess you could opt to have your photo taken at check-in, where they would verify your details. And the criteria and photo would be valid for the length of your stay. That rules out on-line check-in though if you want your info to be updated.