Impressions de France

@PrincipalTinker Help! Leaving tomorrow, and Epcot Touring Plan (Friday June 23) will not allow me to optimize or evaluate because Impressions de France “does not have any shows scheduled for this date”. Is this a bug, or is it true? Was there a renovation scheduled that wasn’t publicized? Thanks.

According to Disney it is open:

It must be a glitch? @len any idea? @poohfanclub can you post a link?

We tried to eliminate and re-add it, but it isn’t showing in the attractions/showtimes list. Here is the Touring Plan as it is:

E-mail - if it is a glitch, they should be able to fix it for you.

We emailed the webmaster, but don’t know if it will help us tonight. I guess the only option we have is to add time to the France Pavilion to make up for Impressions de France. It’s just odd though that it isn’t showing as an available attraction. can someone confirm that they cannot find it either?

It is there under the second tab

Great, thanks for both of your help!

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