Impersonating my chicken BFF

Help me pretend to be my BFF.

She is not a fan of most “fast” rides. She will be arriving several hours after me on our upcoming trip. I was thinking I might head to a park and ride some of the things she hates before she gets in.

And then I got greedy.

If I book both of us for SDD, or even ILLs for GOTG or Tron, how can I use her LL/ILL for back to back rides? When she is with me I do this occasionally and I just take her MB for the second ride.

Not sure how much time I’ll have yet but I have this fantasy of bus from POP to MK to ride Tron, monorail to EPCOT for GOTG, and Skyliner for SDD before she even gets there. Any idea how much time I need to give myself for a double ride adventure like this??

CL 6 for the resort. I land at MCO at 12:30 and plan to Uber to POP.

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I am pretty sure you cannot use her Magic Band in the park until she has used it to tap into the park.

So unless you can also impersonate her fingerprint and enter the parks as her, you probably can’t do what you are suggesting.

ugh! I forgot about her having to be in the park. I can forge her signature but don’t think I can pull off the fingerprint :joy:

I think I have some extra time again after she leaves on departure day. Maybe I’ll at least try my evil plan in whatever park we RD that morning.

Take an impression of her finger to create a mold, and then use the mold to create a replica of her finger, including her fingerprint. Then…hold onto the finger replica and use that when you tap in instead of using your own finger!

What could go wrong? :wink:


Nothing. Nothing could go wrong. 🫎


This is, by far, the Lineriest Liner plan I have ever heard.

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My alternative suggestion was inspired by Artemis Fowl. If you’ve read the books, you know what I’m talking about…but I am afraid your BFF would stop being your BFF if you attempted it…

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This thought had occurred to me…….