Impact of RotR on HS Rope Drop

Can someone who understands how to interpret TP’s wait times for HS rides (specifically SDD) since RotR opened up let me know if SDD wait times at rope drop are going down all? Hoping RotR is helping reduce wait times for SDD.

Going to HS on on 2/4/20. Have 9:30 AM FP+ to TSM, so we will be rope dropping SDD. HS opens at 9AM that day. I plan on being there at 7:45-8:00 AM, but I’d like to wait less than 30 min. Thoughts?

Anecdotally, yes. Crowds are heading to MFSR and SWGE. But there are still decent crowds heading to SDD so don’t expect walk on. Just better than it was before.


The queues are still pretty long at SDD in the morning. IMHO - you are going to need to wait until DHS stops using BGs before you’ll have any reliable info about RD for the foreseeable future.

People still get to the park two hours early and none of the rides are, currently, operating before the official park opening time. So you have all these people that got there to get a RotR BG and now have to wait a couple hours before they can ride it. Some wander around SWGE, but a lot head to TSL.

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It’s so hard to say! But with the number of people showing up to the gates to get inside and get a boarding pass, I have seen photos reflecting that the other rides - such as SDD - have massive lines at opening as a result. I don’t think you’ll get a 30 minutes wait showing up when you are planning.

OTOH, I have heard that later the crowds have been dipping pretty well as folks tour a bit after getting their boarding groups and then leave. You may have better chance of a lower wait at midday, suprisingly. I’ll go snag the recent wait times chart and post it back here.

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Here is yesterday, where park opened at 7am and closed at 10pm:

At opening it was already over an hour, and you never really get near that 30 minutes mark until around 7pm.

Edited to add link:

You can visit your dates for predicted wait times, and follow along from now til then to see if things shift at all in your favor

How do y’all think things will change with park hours moving to 9AM - 8PM (during my stay)? Are people after RotR BG’s going to be able to get in earlier than 8:45ish like the rest of us for RD?