Impact of Halloween Horror Nights

We are going to spend a few days at a Universal resort in September this year. On the day of arrival, we were thinking of going to Universal Studios Florida in the afternoon (around 12 pm), maybe to check out Diagon Alley. As the park is hosting a Halloween Horror Night that day and closes at 5 pm, we were thinking of using the Hogwarts Express Kings Cross Station to park hop over to Universal’s Islands of Adventure at around 4.30 pm for the rest of the night until it closes at 8 pm (we will have tickets that allow us to move between the parks). We have children aged 9,11 and 15 so we wont be going to the Horror Night. They are big Harry Potter fans and we thought this plan would enable us to buy them interactive wands they could use in the 2 full days we have after this arrival day (and hopefully by arriving in the afternoon, it is a quieter time of the day to purchase wands at Ollivanders). My question is, what are the crowds like in Universal Studios during the afternoon of a day when the park hosts a Halloween Horror Night? Does this sound like a reasonable plan or are we best probably just sticking to Islands of Adventure?

I have gone to Universal twice during HHN. If Islands of Adventure is open until 8:00 I think you will find very low crowds. In my experience, that park seems to get real quiet by 5 or 6. You may see people arriving to queue for HHN but it should not impact you at all in US too. Enjoy! I love your plan (your family has to try HHN sometime!)

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I was there during HHN once, and I did not feel that the event impacted the crowds in the parks at all. You should be fine from a crowd perspective.

Thanks PrincipalTinker and rebeecky. I was worried about the crowds but sounds like our plans will be fine.

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