I'm trying

@Lentesta Why does it say I have one Unread topic, but I click on it and it says “You have no unread topics” while still showing the 1 in brackets?

@ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 how did you say it functions like “My Chats” on Chat? Tried to find your post about that and couldn’t. Where can I see threads I’ve participated in?

Also @Lentesta after I posted this topic, I couldn’t get out of it. I clicked on multiple Suggested Topics below it, and it wouldn’t actually take me to that topic, it just was stuck on my post.

I took a screen shot but can’t see where to link a picture to this comment

Hi @mALYficent! :smile: I’ve been having the same issue with the notifications (e.g., “2 unread” or “3 new”) not matching up with the content (“you have no unread” or a list of threads I’ve read before). I posted about it in a thread called “Bugs,” but haven’t seen an answer yet (they’re working on a lot of glitches).

Hi mALY! Once you comment or start tracking a post and it gets commented on you will see a flag on the unread tab. So it’s like the my chats section except that it filters out all of the posts that haven’t changed since the last time you saw it.

Is there somewhere I can go to see a list of ALL threads I’ve commented on?

Yes. You can go to your profile and on the left it will say how many posts. If you click on that it will show you.