I'm sure this has been asked...question about HS and the 4th FP

I’m sure this has been asked but I couldn’t (easily) find it so thought I’d ask again. In the parks with the tiered system, once I get to booking my 4th FP it could technically be from tier one right? Some of the parks tier 2 FP don’t seem necessary (looking at you HS and epcot) Do I still need to book these and use them in order to be able to go on to the 4th one? If so what constitutes using then? Just tapping in?

You need to use or expire 2 tier 2 FPs in your first 3 - to expire them they need to be before the tier 1, but tapping in for them counts as using even if you don’t ride. And because MDE is so glitchy, sometimes expiring won’t work so I would tap in.

There are no tier restrictions from the 4th FP onwards. If they were available to book, you could do tiers 1s to your heart’s content after using your first 3.

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