I'm so happy...I think I'll keep him

Hubby just paid for his park ticket…he’s going with me and it won’t be a solo trip! Yay! It’ll be our 7 year anniversary the month we go (this May) so Lucky Seven and our first sans children trip in 5 years!!! My teenagers have apparently outgrown magic but that’s okay because now it’s all about the food, magic, romance and us!



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What are some romantic ideas for a couple that people have done?

On my 14 anniversary we had a free room in Atlantic City, while checking in I told them that it was our 14 anniversary and that it itched twice as much. The lady just looked at me puzzled, until I explained 7 year itch 14 years itched twice as much. She laughed and upgraded us to a two room suite with an ocean view and a hot tub.


Well played!

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How sweet! :heart: