I'm not going to mess up bridging to AP, am I?

Sorry if my brain is fried at the moment, but I purchased 1 adult 1 child Undercover Tourist 2-day 2 park park-to-park plus 3 extra days free tickets. I want to convert these to Seasonal Annual Passes when I get there. I paid a grand total of $540.54 at UT, and 2 Seasonal APs would have been $649.64. The tickets say “2-park 5-day park-to-park” on them. Is this going to work?

Yes, you can bridge them. I believe you will get credit for whatever the Universal cost for a comprable ticket would be.

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I believe that since this is a Universal Promo you’ll only receive credit for a 2 day ticket, or $559.98, so you’re cost to upgrade to a seasonal pass for each of you should be $53.25 including tax.