I'm neglected my podcasts and blogs.... HELP

I’ve sorely neglected keeping up with changes at Disney since we were there last June. Can somebody catch me up?
*whats up with bog? No more mysterious fp for lunch? What’s the deal with breakfast?
*CRT? Can’t book on the app. Is it currently closed?
I’m sure I’ll think of other questions. What else have I missed?

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BOG now takes reservations for breakfast and lunch. Both are counter service (someone please correct me if that is wrong about breakfast being CS). CRT is open but you have to prepay and you can’t do that with the app. You can via computer with your credit card attached to your account and by phone.

Felesh, I’m the same way. Once I come back home, I fall out of the bubble. Then I spend weeks listening to old podcasts and reading old blogs…

I usually stay up to date, but we moved and that was consuming. Couldn’t squeeze any Disney in there.

Does this mean I am out of luck for anything BOG? We just found out we are going. No standby line??

I think that it will be like any other ADR. They may or may not have a spot for people who show up standby. I’m sure that there will also be cancellations. Just check often. Good luck!

Thanks. Just got a BOG for lunch! Woo hoo!

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The plus is the advent of ADR Sniper and other apps. For a small fee they will look for the ADR you want.

Of course there is Liner persistence, which is free and usually very effective!