I'm lost with some of the abbreviations


HI all,

Sooo I love reading all the posts and trip reports, and I am getting the hang of the abbreviations, but what I cannot figure out is the D. DParents, DHusband, etc. What does it all mean?

Feeling confused.


Dear. DH - Dear Husband. DW - Dear Wife.


Thank you thank you thank you thank you


I am sorry! So many of us started over on lines (or are like me in both places) and there is a character limit so it is our "Disney shorthand". This Link should help and always just ask if something doesn't make sense. Welcome!


I really thought it meant Disney! Lol!


As always you are such a wealth of information and it is greatly appreciated.


I feel that makes more sense.


The abbreviation link provided lists all the Dx as Dear/Disney/Darling: DS - Dear/Disney/Darling Son. I have always read it as Disney here. And certainly in some of the accounts "Darling" can be a real stretch :grinning:


Only when they revolt the touring plan...then it could be Damn or Dastardly. Hehe..


"departed" :smiling_imp: