I'm going to Disneyland Paris and I can't find a TP! Help!

Bonjour Liners!

We are staying in the Louvre area of Paris in July 2015 and can’t go to Paris without going to DLP at least for a day!

I am searching for info on DLP and am feeling so lost without a TP and I can’t seem to find one! Haha!

Any ideas where I can find a good TP?

I found an UG on Amazon but it was from 2010. Is it still relevant?

Also, we are just going for 1 day (Friday, July 24th) and want to go to both parks and do as much as possible. My dh would probably love a break for a nice TS in air conditioning but I don’t know if we would have time :smile:

Thanks for any and all help and comments!


When we went to DLP (way back when Dinosaurs walked the Earth) we also used a TP from a UG that was about 5 years out of date. Nevertheless, it still gave us a good base plan to work from, with a couple of modifications to see new attractions that we were interested in.

One tip - make sure that you get a train that will arrive with plenty of time for RD. We cut things too close and arrived after RD, and the park was already getting crowded.

Thank You! I will order the UG DLP. The train makes me a little nervous so I hope I can get everyone up and going.

Can I buy train tix in advance?

Yes, I believe that you can at any CDF station. If I recall correctly they also sell combination train/park tickets.

I posted this to DL chat for a liner who is going soon. http://www.disneytouristblog.com/disneyland-paris-trip-planning/

There’s some info here as well

Thank you for your website ideas! I will definitely check them out.

Now I am in search of a good TP :smile:

Thank You for the websites - I will definitely check them out.
Now I am trying to find a good TP if anyone has one that they followed and liked! :smile:

I remember a liner doing a recent report on thier trip. It was detailed good pictures. I will try and find it

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