I'm going to Didney Worl!

I’m sitting here in disbelief.

Yesterday, a buddy and I started kicking around the infeasible idea of going to WDW for his birthday during the first week of February. Yeah, right. Ain’t gonna happen.

Not really sure how it happened, but today we’re buying plane tickets and booking rooms. Three weeks from today, we’re checking in at the Coronado!

My last trip took months of planning. This time, I’m basically just showing up. Anybody have any “on a whim” trip tips?


Sounds wonderful! You have the hard part all taken care of already- enjoy!

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Go visit ant rides that will be taken out for star wars if not already closed. Take time to explore resorts. Stop and smell the turkey legs. Drink your way around the monorail loop, boardwalk or world. You can’t run out of things to do. See Ye Ha Bob. Divine in AK is good to see.


I’m doing the exact same thing right now. My mom has a work thing at the Coronado the first week of February. I have been helping her plan a couple of extra days for fun before the work starts. A few days ago she upgraded her room for Jan 31 & Feb 1 to the Beach Club and bought me a plane ticket to come and join her for MY birthday (Feb 2.)

It sounds like you and I will miss each other (I’ll fly home Feb 3) but I wanted to tell you how similar my situation is. Hooray for last minute Disney!!

I’m planning to think of my time as pure bonus time. I don’t want to have super intense expectations. I want to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Have a great trip!!


Take a ride on the lazy river at Stormalong Bay. We cancelled our fast passes for am at MK since we did the rides at MVMCP or after our BOG breakfast. We had breakfast and then put our suits on and grabbed tubes. I laid back and closed my eyes as I floated on the lazy river. I opened my eyes and saw palm trees, blue sky and big puffy white clouds. I think having that relaxing time was time we’ll spent.


We decided a couple of weeks to go in early March. Not really a whim, but I am a planner and this is driving me crazy! lol

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Thanks @gabmom. What rides are being scrapped soon? I want to make sure to see them one last time. And do you recommend swimming in February? Is it warm enough? I’m in if I’m not at risk of freezing my little piggies off.

@SallyEppcot, I think we just missed each other by a weekend last year as well. But @PrincipalTinker and Tom Petty are right, the waiting is the hardest part. You and I just need to make sure we get there and let the magic do the rest.

@Coughlin, I’m a major planner too, but this time I’ve got too much going on to focus on the trip. I kinda feel like it’s a dream and I’ll wake up on the Magical Express. Have a great trip!

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Grin! :smile: