I'm going home! I have questions

I think if you plan about two hours with waiting between shows you should be able to catch them all. Caveat that I don’t know the schedule and personally I have been happy to just walk by as they’re happening. The only one I specifically staked out a spot to watch was the Spider-Man show with the robot acrobat. But they’re all fun.


We can get snacks and drinks at Pyms in between :grin:


I adore this show. It is my new favorite. I hope you are able to see it at least once. We watched once from the hub and once from Main Street.

The DL parade is fabulous. Also my new favorite.

The queue for MMRR is fabulous! Try and see that.

We liked the WOC version before this new one better.

I don’t know anything well enough to give advice but I’m very excited for you. My Disney experience began at WDW but I fully understand why DL is so beloved and I wish I lived closer to it!


Our go-to DCA snack is a Quantum Pretzel (sometimes 2 if we’re wanting a bigger snack) and 2 Choco-smash bars to share with the 6 of us. And we love sitting and watching Avengers Campus go by. There are SO many characters that come out & meet or roam.

I believe the show at the Quinjet is always the same BUT keep your eye on the balconies around there because they send characters up there to survey & wave to people. And they love tying in character appearances to whatever movie or series is out so if there’s a new character for Secret Invasions you might be able to get a glimpse somewhere in the campus.

We love the Spider-Man and Dr. Strange shows too. Be sure to watch the Guardians Dance-Off also (it’s a fun show). And one I keep wanting to see but haven’t yet seen properly is the Dora Milaje . It always seems we just miss it our it’s just so crowded that we move on, but maybe this next time we’ll get to it.


We were able to time it once to watch all the shows in succession. It was pretty easy to do. I love just hanging out in there. You never know who is going to show up. Just sit and eat and spend some quality time. Even before I was into marvel (just started this year really) I loved doing that.


Love the pretzel, not a fan of the beer cheese. However, if you can get them to give you the marinara that comes with the Pymini, that is a great combo with the pretzel.


We have seen this, will for sure catch it if we can but it is lower on the list. Same for

I’m pretty sure we will still see them in passing.


We usually get an extra beer cheese. My little kids need one to themselves so that every bite of pretzel they can soak in the stuff. And the rest of us like it too. LOL.

Marinara would be good too though.


With 5 of us I’m hoping to try it all over the 4 days by just getting 1 if each and all having a taste :grin:

I have so many food items I need while I’m there! Including 100 churros because for some reason FL just can’t get them right :wink:



Also, the strawberry bread pudding at Pacific Wharf (might be called Aunt Cass’s by now) Cafe.

Also strawberry cheesecake funnel fries at Award Weiners.

These are all the things I remember that DH has sent me tic tocs of recently. I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.


I’m just a little bummed that we arrive a couple days after you leave!


I know :slightly_frowning_face: I’m just missing @Wahoohokie on the other end too! But it was literally the only week I could make it work!


Let’s talk about Wondrous Journey!

While we hope to catch it with FW we are ok with just projections. We should have 2 shots at seeing it and 2 at WOC.

When our kids were little we weren’t really camp out and grab a spot for FW’s (except the time we did the Halloween party when it was still in DL) We would just stop and watch from wherever we were in the park. This was before all the projection stuff.

I couldn’t find any dining plans for it to get a spot saved. Is that not a thing?

Our oldest doesn’t do well in compact tight crowds. So you know what’s coming.

Where should we watch from?

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I’m hoping @lolabear_la can pipe in on this one. I am a “last minute” kind of firework viewer and I refuse to pay for overpriced dessert parties and the like. People start staking out spots a couple hours before but my impression is that you can get a decent spot if you arrive 30-45 minutes beforehand. Arriving last minute will leave you with slim pickings but is doable if you’re lucky.

My favorite thing to do is to watch from in front of it’s a small world because you get all the projections and fireworks with less crowds and less wait. But you miss out on Tink / Baymax. So that’s the trade-off. Also you’re well positioned to get in line for MMRR when it reopens after fireworks.


This used to be a favorite spot but…

This!! Athena and I really want to see this! We might split up for FW’s. :rofl:


The back of Main St in between the Main St. theater and emporium will fill up last and you can probably get a spot 15-20 minutes before without too much stress. That’s probably your best bet for the shortest amount of time in a crowd.

It can still fill up though but being towards the back, your oldest could head towards Town Square if it gets to be too much. And I would either exit the park from there, or find a spot along Town Square to relax while the fireworks crowds empty Main St. It will be a cluster trying to move along Main St either in the road or in the stores and they haven’t been opening the pathways behind the stores lately.

If you need not to be among crowds then small world is good. With F! not running now, Rivers of America is the most empty viewing spot. The projections should show on the same water screens as F! usually does and the big bursts are pretty easy to see from most anywhere along the rivers especially closer to Haunted Mansion. But I would double check with a CM if they are doing projections from there with F! being down.

You could try to join at the back of any of the viewing areas at the edge of the hub with 30 minutes to go but those can get quite packed, so if you do split up that’s where you should try for. Since that will have a fantastic view of Baymax. Just avoid the Frontierland side of the hub as the trees on that side block the majority of the big bursts.


This is the spot I snuck into last minute after walking very quickly from the bridge in front of Pirates where we were watching Fantasmic. It was our second viewing and I loved it just as much as when I saw it on the hub. I could have pulled off the triple that night and made it to the second WoC but Abby was tired. These kids who can’t keep up their old mamas!


Ooh thank you for asking all of these questions @ThorKat ! I’m going for my quick solo trip at the beginning of august. I’ll have two nights to try for Wonderous Journeys and fingers crossed for fire works at least one night but I’m excited for the projections and the show. Another friend recommended Main Street one night (for baymax and blue fairy) and by iasw another night. My one full day I’m planning on getting genie+ for myself and am starting at DCA so keeping an eye on those recommendations also. But really if I can get a couple rides on mission breakout and Incredicoaster and Indy I’ll be happy! (all of those had one or both kids going no thanks and they’re some of my favorites!)



So I know I want to see the queue for MMRR so we will just standby that one for sure.

But if we don’t decide to buy ILL’s for ROTR and RSR when would you ride? I’m thinking at park close maybe? Or just keep an eye on the wait time and jump in if it’s lowish?

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So I’ve started playing around with TP’s. Not because I think we need one but it helps me decide what to try and fit into each day.

When I click we will buy G+, why in the hell is it only suggesting to get Monsters Inc? :rofl:

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