I'm going home! I have questions

Um yeah so maybe you don’t know this about me but the OG WOC is my most very, absolute favorite show of any show Disney has ever put on.

One has freaking Avengers!!!

It will be watched :wink:

This is what I assumed. Monday would be great if FW’s happen. That’s our partial day starting around noon. So we plan to try and catch the parade and things that have low wait times then WJ and head to bed to get up for EE the next day.


Summer is everyday :slight_smile: Or at least has been every summer since we started going in 2013.

Always, but it would be unplanned & due to the pesky winds at higher elevation if it were to happen in the summer.

I’m SOOOO excited you’re coming home! It’s home to us too!


Ok but what date does summer end for purposes of this schedule? Labor Day? Or when CA school is back in session? Something else?


Oh yes, dates are good for reference. “Summer” as defined in the Disneyland Resort is the Friday before Memorial Day until Labor Day.


Hey that works in my favor!! :tada:

Most of my life FW’s were every night but the last few years we lived out west it changed to just weekends.

It is nice now that they at least have the projections instead of nothing though.


I love that there’s projections that they can do now so you don’t wait for the fireworks for nothing.

And we’ve noticed that the nights where it’s obviously windy a lot of the locals do not stick around and so finding a spot for what will end up being only projections is really easy & low stress. And my favorite place to watch projections is Main St anyway so we just head towards the back of it.

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Ok let’s talk about G+.

With almost 4 full days we might not get it at all. We might just get it for one day. Or when we arrive I’ll throw the budget out the window in favor of keeping DH happy with shorter lines :wink:

I was usually just in charge of everyone’s tickets and the use of Maxpass. Since DD is getting most of us in on her maingate I assume she will need to be in charge?

Isn’t there a way to see each others tickets though? I can’t remember!

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The easiest way to see each other’s tickets and make plans for each other is for each person to scan the barcode of each other party member’s tickets individually into the Disneyland App.

In the last screen if you click “Type ID” you can also link your resort reservation if that’s not already showing up. That might pull in associated tickets but in my experience nothing is automatic with DLR - you have to enter each ticket individually.


Thanks! I knew there was a way but it wasn’t coming to me :crazy_face:

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So I think our plan is

Day 1: 3 of us will most likely arrive at PPH around 11am. The other 2 will probably be around 3pm. So will will hit DL and watch the parade and talk to GS about how G+ and VQ’s works with CM main gate and guest passes. I think we have it figured out but it will be good to check in with them in case there is an easier way. Will also attempt to watch Wondrous Journey.

Day 2: EE CA and a very big focus on ALL of Avengers Campus. I want to see all the shows and eat all the food :wink: Maybe an afternoon break but hop to DL later for a dinner reservation at Café Orleans for my Monte Cristo.

Day 3: This will be our possible G+ day depending on how much we get done before this day. and so my question.

What park would you start in if you were only doing one G+ day?

Day 4: We might splurge for RSR and ROTR ILL’s this day depending on what we accomplish the other days.


I think it depends on what you want to prioritize. Logically I believe starting in DCA as it has more of the G+ that will run out (TSMM and possibly GotG depending on the lift capacity for the day), plus you can pretty close return times for much of everything else if you start early (Incredicoaster , Goofy’s, Webslingers, Grizzly, Soarin, Monsters) and of course making sure to keep an eye on Indy’s return times to nab that when you’re ready to hop. This assumes you want to ride all of those LLs.

If you’re ok with not getting to TSMM using LL and won’t be trying to ride GotG several times over when the line is on the shorter end, then you could start at DL & knock out a bunch of those LLs, especially if you can get Indy early, early & it turns into a golden ticket if it has a delayed start/opening (which isn’t a sure bet, but not a bad bet either). And with the hopping time much earlier at 11am you could still get most if not all the DCA LLs. It just wouldn’t be a sure bet.

So I think it really depends on your priorities. If you want to do every ride that LL has to offer then start at DCA. If you want to try for the Indy golden ticket & would rather complete all the LLs that DL has over DCA, then start at DL.


This is closed for refurb so don’t need to worry about it!

I think the biggest reason we will buy will be because we get sick of lines :rofl:

We always bought Maxpass but it was only $10 per person.

Thanks for your tips, they help a lot!


Incredicoaster, Indy, Mission Breakout and Webslingers are all top priorities for us! But I’m pretty sure we will have managed to ride them all at least once by this day.


Maxpass was awesome. I grumbled and groaned at it because I remember very distinctly their wording of “introductory price” of $10. It was truly awesome but when I read introductory all I could think was “well writing’s on the wall for free FP” and then (try not) to think of how much the price to not be in a line would only skyrocket.


Yes for sure do GotG everyday, twice if you can. It’s no CR but it is a falling party in a box with also several different unique randomized song choices. We LOVE it.


It’s my favorite ride in CA!! :rofl:


I might have a thing for rides that include the Guardians :thinking:



:blowfish: :blowfish:


I agree with this – DCA first is the best way to get through all the “big” rides in both parks with LL. But starting in DL can be beneficial as well depending on your priorities.


Avengers Campus

Not counting the rides how much time do I need to see it all! I want to see the Spider man robot swing! I want to watch the Dr. Strange show. I want to see whatever is going on by the Quinjet!! Does the show change at the Quinjet or is it the same one that repeats all day?