I'm doing a Split Stay.. and other fun updates

I am fast approaching my April trip (16 days!) and surprisingly I’m not agonizing over every detail for this one. This is a trip we weren’t originally planning but I had extra “use it or lose it” vacation time so I threw caution to the wind and booked it.

Which lead me to the dilemma…

I’m spending a little more than I planned this year on vacations (OOPS). In all honestly, we can afford the extra vacation as we never stopped working during covid times, but I am a penny pincher and every dollar saved is a dollar towards another trip.
So, I finally sat down and did a little math in regards to our August Trip planned.

We are booked at AOA Cars. I think I booked this like a year ago, when summer dates were released and I was excited to plan my trip. Since its a longer (8 days) one, we decided once again to stay in a Cars suite (DD7s absolute favorite!!).As I continue to hunt for good flight prices (even thought its early to book) I’m finding costs to be a little higher than I expected…( I mean, c’mon jet blue, you’re letting me down here. I know you lost billions but can’t you get me a good deal??)
So here I sit with my budget napkin and decided I would do a split stay instead. After discussing a few options with hubs and DD7, we decided the easiest thing to do was to book a split stay at Little mermaid/Cars.
So now, we will start at LM for 3 nights then move to 5 nights at Cars. Overall savings $900.
Of course at this point Disney will soon realized I’m depriving them of money and probably release some special edition something or other experience that I’ll have to throw this money at, but for now, I’m feeling pretty great about the savings.

On another note, I may be trying to head down for a few days over memorial day weekend. My cousin is petitioning to get her AP reinstated and she really needs a trip (well ok, twist my arm).
I’m only half ass planning this one, as cost is a huge factor and holy shit flights are crazy that week. But If she can come, I can make up the cost of flights with splitting the room.
The odds of her getting the AP are likely slim, so if you could send all your good vibes towards this I’d appreciate it- she needs this vacation, the poor woman had a cheating husband, a divorce and selling her house all happen this year on top of our grandmother passing away from covid. She needs a win right now.

So to conclude this post:
Yay for me saving money!
Boo for me likely spending it on something else!
Disney knows exactly how to get people like me to give them all my earnings.


This is me too. Also, I did something similar when my ex husband cheated and we got divorced in addition to more drama I don’t feel like reliving by speaking it out but I sold all the jewelry he had ever bought me and took the kids to WDW on his birthday as my vindictiveness which was a lot better than some of the other thoughts I had inspired by scenes in movies like Waiting to Exhale. Lol. I’m glad you can go with her and I think you should. Is Frontier or Spirit flying there. I’ve gotten some great deals on them when SWA was really high for the same time period. As long as the flight is direct I can handle the cramped seat. But this trip I ended up switching to Frontier from SWA because I bought my own flight when they came out for Memorial Day going out and coming back mid June and I got a fantastic rate like $100 each way but when kiddos and hubby all had decided to join it was like $300 each way or something insane so I did Frontier for about $140pp round trip before adding the bags. Google flights helps me a lot though they never include SWA costs and I have to go manually compare. Good luck!


So, I have been checking the flights for the “no frills” airlines and I can get a flight down and back for sure cheaper… But, the issue is my kid. I’m not about to “hope” the airline can maneuver people so we can sit together, so I would need to pay extra for seat choice, and then a carry on. By that point I might as well just pay for Delta, SW, AA etc. There’s also the degree of flexibility with my kid as well in booking layovers, etc. I know, I’m kinda a flight snob, but I’ve flown a lot with DD7 and I know how much she can handle.
For sure if it was me only, I’d be hopping on those $38 flights with just the clothes on my back. My cousin has done that alot in the past, before he AP expired.

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I did it.
I booked a flight down wed May 26th. I’m going for sure now!! Now I have to find a flight home


But do you though? You could just stay?


I suppose I could send for my husband and my dog…
I am having a little anxiety about flying AA. I’ve never flown anything but jet blue. I’m not good with change, but JB was SOOO much more!!!

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You flying out of Logan?

Yes. Flying out around 3 pm, have a small layover in NC then arriving at MCO at 8:30 pm

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I’m actually looking forward to this trip a bit. The past two years DD7 and I have done a mom and me trip in august, but this summer DH is joining. Now that she’s back in school full time I went from seeing her all day to 45 minutes in the morning. Its like going from feast to famine. DH can’t make it down in May, it interferes with his work schedule. But TBH I am looking forward to some one on one with my DD7, we always have a blast on “girls only” trips :heart:


Me too. My DD is the best one on one. I love DS time too. I’ve done solo trips with both and they are great. Enjoy!
And yes AA is one of the worst airlines I’ve ever been on but it doesn’t sound like you’re going thru a hub. For some reason their hubs like DFW are the worse. They once yelled at my mom to put her purse in her backpack. I mean honestly they both fit under the seat together or separate but “rules”. But they were so rude. They are always rude when I fly thru DFW but not as bad when it’s not their hub. Best of Luck.