Im Back!

Hi everyone, so last year’s once in a lifetime trip looks like it’s now a twice in a lifetime:) So just some random thoughts and questions. I’m happy to say we’ll be heading back to DW this summer. Last time POP, this time POFQ. While I will miss the Skyliner, I always enjoyed New Orleans Square at DL so looking forward to this hotel and some beignets. I have to say I am surprised they don’t sell the mint juleps at PO like they do at DL especially how popular they are there- they even give you the recipe at Town Hall if you ask.

Some things I am excited for this time around is Hoop Dee Doo, dessert firework party, Ratatouille, some mini golf, a carriage ride, Harmonius, and the Japan dept. store - it closed last visit early like 6 or 7pm- way before Epcot closed- and my boys are big Nintendo and Pokemon fans so they were disappointed.

My flight got cancelled twice last year coming home so we ended up staying 2 extra days at POP, luckily it was a Value resort and “only” 200 a night, good thing we didnt get stuck at the Floridian. American gave me 1000 voucher for the trouble, and that combined with the 25% discount on DW vacations for Dis+ members seemed like a good deal! The one thing that you all weren’t lying about that was NOT fun was the RAIN. But at least it wasn’t that ALL day - cold- rain you get like when at DL.

So I guess for now, if anyone is still reading :slight_smile: is I was wondering about dining and genie plus Lightning Lane. I never used boarding groups before. So If I were to make an ADR for Epcot, how do you choose a time to eat if you don’t really know what time boarding group you’ll get for Ratatouille until that day. I was actually planning on doing the pay Lightning Lane for that, and wonder how that works compared to the regular boarding group? Like should I try the regular first and don’t get it then pay, or is the wait that much less with the pay options. Can you choose your time when you pay?

And last thing- for now- is I notice there’s not a lot - if any- sit down breakfast dining options in Epcot Future World. I really don’t know why GG hasn’t opened back for breakfast, the lunch dinner options don’t look super kid friendly. The thing is I’d like to start at Future World and end in World Showcase, so wonder if anyone has any tips as far as eating breakfast in WSC, then starting in FW- or does that waste too much time? Thank you !


Pick your dining reservation first. As you noted, it’s the only thing you can plan and choose before the park day. And they go quickly! So secure that first and work around that.

Now, about Remy: there are no boarding groups now. That was replaced by Lighting Lane. Forget anything you may know about Boarding groups. At 7am (or park opening hour if you are staying offsite) you wake up and purchase your lightning lane to Remy. Search on your MDE app for Remy and hit the LL underneath the name. It will show you the times available. Pick the one that works for you and voila! You are on your way to being a rat cook.

Genie+ is the same but for the other less in high demand attractions at 7am, pick the park you want, the ride you want and click LL underneath the name. Pick the time you want to return and boom! You’re happy!


I forgot to wish you a great trip!

LOL I never believe anyone when they say “once in a lifetime” on this forum. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Be careful - you’re going to own DVC before you know it.

Some advice:

  1. Read the first post in this thread in its entirety (don’t read the entire thread, just the first post and maybe catch up on the latest couple of weeks at the end if desired):
  1. I agree that you should book your ADRs first and then let the chips fall where they may with regard to BG/LL/ILL. You have grace periods of 15 minutes around ADRs and 5 before / 15 after for LLs, so don’t stress too much. You can usually figure out a way to work everything in. If all else fails, talk to a CM about changing the time (not guaranteed, but worth a try).

  2. If you insist on having breakfast before an Epcot day (which is actually a great day to do breakfast), I recommend Topolino’s at Riviera, Ale & Compass at Yacht Club, or Trattoria al Forno at Boardwalk. Then you can walk / take the Skyliner into the International Gateway. You can even park at the resort where you have an ADR. You can schedule your breakfast on the early side to avoid missing out on Rope Drop. (Or just take it easy - up to you.)

Hope you have a fantastic trip!

P.S. When are you going?


Truer words have never been spoken.


Yes. I think @sanstitre_has_left_the_building is planning his 7th “Once in a Lifetime” trip for June? (Actually didn’t try to count them all)


FQ is awesome, good choice!


Yep. A week ago i was like ill probably cancel my december trip and now im like can i make may happen? :rofl::rofl:


I’m sure when people say it they mean it. I did. Despite having free accommodation on my first trip, it was still enormously expensive and I justified that by believing it would be my only opportunity to take a trip like that. You have no idea how instantly addictive it’s going to be.

June will be my 9th. And December my 10th.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips I’ll definitely check out that Genie thread for sure. I like your idea of having breakfast at a spot outside the park. I don’t mind using park time for sit downs, and even at Epcot I think we’re going to do a dinner sit down, but I feel that is the park I really want to spend as much time in exploring the countries as well as the shows/ rides. If GG had breakfast Id probably do it, I want to do that new crepe place but again don’t want to waste too much park time, I heard they used to open Les Halles earlier than regular opening, but not anymore. Maybe I should just go there 2 days lol. Actually that does bring up another question though, with the half hour early entry- does that apply to dining too or is it just rides?

As far as when I am going, turns out it will be the same dates as last year for me, the last Tuesday in July through the first Tuesday in August 26-2nd.


I think this really varies by location. Coffee shops are most likely to be open. Actual restaurants are less likely to be, but best to check the hours.

In the before times we really liked Cape May, at Beach Club, for breakfast. Almost as much fun was walking early thru World Showcase to Future World. So peaceful and cool.