Illuminations at La Hacienda

v I have a late dinner ADR at La Hacienda in Epcot. I know I can watch Illuminations from inside, BUT is it all that great? It’s just that I love Illuminations, and don’t want to be disappointed- we only have one day in Epcot. Thanks to anyone who has done this dinner!!

What time is your ADR? If it is an hour or so before Illuminations, when you check in, ask the CM for a railing seat and let them know you will be happy to wait for one to open up.

But if you don’t get a window seat, there’s essentially no view. I never risk “hoping” I get a window view. I eat first, the find a viewing location.

I had a great view, made the ADR 745, stopped by 715 asked for a window seat. They pumped the music in, and it was a fine view. I wouldn’t do it if I’d never seen Illuminations before, but you won’t really miss anything. i don’t know if it was our night (Saturday of MLK weekend) was too empty, probably about a 5 if I remember, but the restaurant wasn’t really that full by 9.

As noted, you might get a table at the windows, in the middle of the dining room or a booth on the opposite side. No way to know.

The windows are panes not big plate glass so there is all the bits of the window frame in your view.

That said, we’ve eaten here twice timed for dessert around Illuminations. Once we had a window table and once in the middle. We’ve seen Illuminations many times so we loved the seated, A/C, dessert and cocktails much better than fighting for space and standing with the crowds.