If you had to pick which for counter and which for table service?

Our first day will be Epcot and we’ll be arriving around lunch time. We have the dining plan so we’ll do a counter service and a table that day. We’re thinking we’d like to eat in Mexico and Morocco. Which one would you use your counter at and which would you do table service? We’re also open to other suggestions too.

I would do a TS dinner at La Hacienda - get your timing right and you can try for a window seat to watch Illuminations! That leaves the Tangierine Café in Morocco for your CS.


I like @brklinck’s plan for eating in Mexico and Morocco. Since you asked for other suggestions, I’ll also suggest that if you’re entering the park through the main entrance and think you’ll be spending some time in Future World when you first arrive, then Sunshine Seasons at the Land pavilion offers a variety of quality options and would save you having to walk all the way back into World Showcase when you arrive and potentially double back to Future World. If it were arrival day for me I’d probably be hungry when I entered the park and eager to eat right away.

Having said that, Tangierine Cafe is a great choice if you do make it make to the Moroccan pavilion.

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Oh yeah, I should have mentioned we’ll be entering through the International Gateway

Definitely agree. Love La Hacienda. I think both restaurants in Morocco are very good, but I’m not a fan of Mexican counter service there.

[quote=“erinthehealer, post:4, topic:11822”]
we’ll be entering through the International Gateway[/quote]

Well, then lunch in Morocco sounds like a great way to start you vacation.

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