If you had to pick just one from a 2 credit dining

I am stuck with selecting just one 2 credit signature dining choices. We can only do one of these, and they all sound fabulous. We are foodies, but will have our DD(11) and DS(7) with us. If you had to pick just one, what would you select? Jiko, California Grill or Boathouse? Thx!

Jiko. Universally fantastic reviews.


Jiko- my answer will always be Jiko (Tiffins a close second).


Out of the three, definitely Jiko. To me it’s the only one which not only delivers when it comes to food, but it also feels like a true signature restaurant. Absolutely beautiful, and always great service!


Definitely Jiko. Amazing food and service. And you can spend some time exploring AKL and viewing the animals which the kids should enjoy.


Jiko! I make it a point to visit AKL on every trip and a meal at Jiko is a huge bonus!


Well Tiffins is our all time favourite of disney and universal closely followed by monsieur Paul and HBD

But if jIko is getting such support above we need to go and check it out for sure this summer!

What about V and A?

How does that rate alongside the above. I fancy trying there as well. Getting hungry just thinking about all these options!

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@interested–I agree Tiffins is awesome. To quote my DS (then 10) when we ate at Tiffins “If amazing were a food, this would be it.” He was referring to his wagyu beef.

I think V&A is in a league of its own in terms of food and service. It is an extraordinary experience.

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@interested and @DreamLaughImagine - The only reason I mentioned Jiko is we are staying at AKL - but also heard a lot of great things about it. I agree though - I hear fabolous things about Tiffins too! I forgot about that one until you just mentioned it. Oh, thanks for making my decision harder. :slight_smile:

We will have kids with us so V and A out of question.

Of your three choices, especially with kids, I would recommend CG. Based on food alone Jiko is the best of the three, but based on overall experience, especially coupled with watching the fireworks, I think CG wins out - especially with kids. My one dinner at the Boathouse left me rather disappointed on all counts except service - but if you’re looking for an up-beat, crowded, noisy dining experience (and being on the DP the “higher than most other signature” prices may not be an issue for you) then you may like it. But for me, it was one and done.

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