If you could have ONE job at Disney

…what would it be?

Can be anything that is an actual job (no making up jobs!).

For me, I’d want to be an Imagineer, doing some behind-the-scenes imagineering for a ride or maybe coming up with clever ways to use Magic Band data, etc.

This isn’t all that different from what I guess I do for a living now, of course…only, I’d be doing it at DISNEY!

ETA: Actually, to make this even more interesting, also what is a job you would NOT want if you worked at Disney?

For me, it would be the person assigned to guard a ride that is currently NOT operational due to refurb/etc.


Hi ,
I would like to be the food development manager so I got to try all the delicious snacks and food before it went on sale and could have some input into new things.
I would hate to clean the toilets. Shout out to those who do.

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For me, if this exists, it would be a cast member that works with Make A Wish. I would love to see some of the faces of the kids who were surprised and it would feel great knowing that I had something to do with that.

As far as jobs I wouldn’t want - it would either be to clean the toilets as @swatkins1971 said or to be a princess. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wouldn’t look very good wearing a dress.


Yeah, one of my great regrets is that I never took engineering seriously as a career option at school. I think I was very badly advised.

Who knows if I’d have been a good engineer or whether I’d have been happy doing it. But I’ve often thought that rollercoaster designer must be a really cool job to have.

Anything that involves dressing up in the hot and humid weather. Also, I hate young kids and I would find interacting with them very tedious.

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Ooh! This gives me an excuse to rant about tipping.

There was a really great mens room attendant at GF last summer. Went out of his way to make sure everything was as it should be and was super-friendly. I know bathroom attendants get tips in nightclubs and so on, so I offered the guy five bucks. He declined it. Which I thought was sad. I think that job should very much be a tippable one.

The five bucks I gave the bellhops every time I used them at GF didn’t make feel good at all. They clearly felt entitled to it and showed no appreciation for it. And they were literally just doing their jobs — nothing more.

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Dream job, I would stick close to what I am doing now as well and design identity/in-store materials for new Disney films. I’ve done a tiny bit of work connected to Disney in the past and that was fun but I think it would be exciting to be on the front end of things.

I would not want to work any job in the parks. I just want to enjoy myself there, not work. That would ruin it for me.


I was wondering the other day what it’s like to be AJ from Disney Food Blog. Dream job? Or does WDW get boring if you go there every day?


I don’t know if I would consider that a job in the parks, though. That’s more like being a professional patron? But, yeah, I think it would have to get a little boring after a while. At least, not as enjoyable.

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Probably a little of both. But she always seems like she still enjoys it. She’s just so positive all the time, even when there’s something to be negative about! So, I’m not sure if we’d know if she is bored with WDW or not. Doesn’t seem like her personality to let on if there’s anything negative.


I have a degree in animal behavior, and would like to use it in Animal Kingdom, designing habitats/enrichment for the animals, and working the shows like the Up bird show.

I would not want to be a head character, ever ever.


I can’t think of one at the moment, because unfortunately upon reading the title my mind went straight to the You Had One Job meme…

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This came up in the daily thread a few weeks ago, and nothing has changed for me. I’ve always wanted to be the monorail driver since I was a kid. It was probably a better job in the past, when they allowed guests to sit in the cockpit of the monorail and you could interact with them more.

Although, this gives me some pause…


A point of fact, you have far more chance getting into an accident on the road. :smile:

My job would be in-park marketing. The posters for the rides, promotions, and other one offs (like the buttons)… designing the magicband package would be awesome. Reworking that horrid dvc logo is already on my list… and I’m not even employed.

Any job I need to interact with guests though I’d avoid. I don’t handle entitlement + stupidity well.


Well, if I’m going down, it might as well be between two monorail cars.

Well, 99% of guests fall into one category or the other (the remaining 1% are Liners, of course). So, best to stay behind the scenes for you :grin:


Is AJ employed by Disney? Are any of the Disney vloggers employed by them, like TimTracker? They both have pretty good jobs if they do.

If I could do any job at Disney I would want to be a performer for an inside show. There’s a schedule, air conditioning. Fun!

P.S. I am by no means in the entertainment industry now. I’m a full-time SAHM with a very part-time data entry job.



Flying Tink. You know, the one who flies off of Cinderella Castle every evening during the nighttime spectacular.

Given how short an even that is, I suspect that I would be required to perform some other duties every day, just to justify keeping me on staff. For that, I’d like to be a Jungle Cruise Skipper.

As for a job that I wouldn’t want - overnight street washer.


Maintenance: I like learning how things work so what better way than to work on them.

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I want to work for runDisney when I grow up.

Worst job: a RD CM, especially for Pandora area or TSL. Soon to be for SWGE


I am a simple man who loves Dad jokes, so a Jungle Cruise Skipper has obviously always been my dream job.


When I was single, I wanted to be Tarzan’s wardrobe assistant. :slight_smile:

Now, I would want to help with the dessert parties somehow.

I wouldn’t want to do anything backstage. I like meeting people.