If I pay for 1 night at Royal Pacfic with 2 double beds, hwo many EP?

If I pay for 1 night at Royal Pacific, does it include 4 EP or can I pay extra and include 5? Not worried about space as we might have it as a throwaway room, not sure at this point.

Seemed cheaper to do the 1 night stay and get 2 days worth of EP.


Everyone on the reservation gets EP. If the room only sleeps 4, you’ll only be allowed to have 4 people in it and all will get EP. If it sleeps 5, they will all get EP. I’m not familiar with RP and don’t have a family of 5 so I can’t be more specific.

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The regular rooms sleep 5 with a rollaway bed. Per the website fees apply for the rollaway bed.

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5 of us stayed in the double queen room- we didn’t pay for the extra roll away just shared (young kids) - no issue getting 5 express- just make sure its 5 on the booking

I have a family of four staying at the Hard Rock for 1 night for the Express passes. I didn’t see anywhere to list all four of my family members on the reservation. Where do I do that?

You don’t need to list each persons name, just say how many adults and children on the reservation. There will be an extra cost for more than two adults in a room.