If I cancel hotel stay... What will happen to park reservations?

OK, was able to book today. Have a hotel at CSR starting July 19. If they won’t move me with no up charge, I will likely cancel. If I do, does anyone know (or even want to guess) if my park reservations will cancel too or if I can keep them. Wouldn’t cancel until after the open it up to everyone later this month.

I would assume they will get cancelled if you don’t have an onsite reservation linked, like FPP before the closure. I don’t think I would take that risk if you still want to go on your trip. I did see many people on Disboards today say they called and were moved at no charge. Good luck!

Thanks, makes me feel better… Finally got through to at least be on hold… We shall see how it goes.

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If the person who finally answers does not offer to move you for free, you might need to ask to speak to another CM. Some don’t seem to know how to do it, but will transfer you to a special team that can.

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They were able to change without charge. Moved us to a cabin at FT. Wilderness. Don’t know anything about it, but we will roll with it. Great deal for our own cabin.

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Glad you got moved with no charge. I hope you enjoy the extra space at the cabin (plus no worries about noisy neighbors jumping on your ceiling all night!).