If F! dining packages return, would you recommend?

I am 0 for 2 in getting to Fantasmic across two trips to DLR (the first was a total paper ticket fast pass fail and the last due to the fact it wasn’t yet back from COVID closures). As such, my next trip to WDW, I very much would like to see it. To not be boxed out, I was thinking of forking out the $$ to eat at Mama Melrose. If it DOES come back at some point after F! returns, can anyone comment if it’s worth it. I.e. is the seating TRULY better, do you avoid getting there 2 hours early to get in line, etc. etc. Any memories are welcome :).

Yes, you get to avoid the 2 hour line. The seating is pretty close and to the right facing the stage. I still think you’re supposed to be there like 45 min early or something because it’s first come first serve but you will get an actual seat and it will be a good view and it relieves some of that pressure. I’m not a big fan of Mama Melroses though. I actually like Hollywood and Vine and Hollywood Brown Derby better food wise. Also, Fantasmic is better in Disneyland. Half of it is different there so you still should see it there.


I’ve never waited in a 2 hour line for F! And I’ve always had a decent seat and view. The amphitheater is enormous and I can’t imagine (m)any seats have a poor view. I personally would not pay for a “premium seat”. But then never having had one of those seats maybe I’m missing out and don’t realize it :joy:


This part of these up charges drives me batty! If I’m still giving up a huge chunk of time, how is it helping? It’s similar to the dessert parties. If the thing takes 2 hrs out of my life, how is it saving me anything?


We usually walk up less than 15 mins before it starts.

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Very true. Walk ups always available.

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I did the dessert party the last time I saw F! In August 2019. My son refuses to eat at Mama Melrose, and although we love HBD the time needed to eat there was not in my plan.

At that time dining and dessert packages had the two middle sections reserved. I know the Mama Melrose package was not much more than the dessert party, so if that is somewhere you would eat (get the steak) it could be a good option (unless, of course, Disney jacks up the price).

We did the dessert party package a few years ago and I thought it was worth it for the seats and not waiting in line.

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We’ll for this one versus the dessert party it’s an actual meal so it’s really just taking up your dinner time. For me personally, eating a good table service meal is part of my vacation. We got to Fantasmic like 30 minutes early and had a great seat (I’ve done this without the meal and we were lucky enough to get a seat but we were in the very back which was still a good view but i do remember a difference and we had to do the second show to avoid the line for the first). It’s definitely worth it to me for the peace of mind alone but to be fair I buy Express Pass/FlashPass, whatever parks are selling every time and I view it like insurance. I may not need it but it gives me peace of mind.

For the Enchantment Dessert Party we didn’t show up first to the garden area but we still had an excellent and uncrowded view guaranteed even if we had waited till just before. The same goes for Fantasmic dinner. Your seat is guaranteed.

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The F! Dessert party was different. You picked up your box of treats, a light up lanyard, and a horrible drink and you went to your seat. They gave us a big bag to put all of our dessert boxes in one easy to carry bag.

It did not take any extra time and you were guaranteed great seats. The dessert box includes sweets, chocolate covered strawberries, and baby bell cheese and crackers.


Did you do this in DHS? or Disneyland? I’ve done the dessert party in Disneyland when it was right in the front on the walkway and it was 110% worth it. We had seats while everyone else was standing crammed in (that area is so small) and we had a server. It was cold when we did it so were drinking hot chocolate. We had a huge box full of desserts and cheeses, etc that we could snack on while we watched the show. That was also fabulous but I believe Disneyland does a dinner now too from Blue Bayou or Harbor Galley or the River Belle Terrace (well precovid).

We did the package with HBD - and I didn’t think the seats were great. It worked out perfectly for us because we eat at HBD every trip, so just tacking that on was no big deal.
The good/bad part was, the night we went…we showed up sat down…and waited…and waited…and then it got canceled because there was lightning (and tornadoes) in the area. We were able to use it as a rain check to go back another night and still sit in the premium area - but it was pretty full so our seats were even worse.

I did it at HS. There was a dedicated path to enter and a dedicated stand. You could also come back and get another free drink if you wanted.


Not if you still
Have to present to the show theatre 45 mins ahead though.

Right. And I don’t fault you for that at all. I’m only sharing my experience and opinion so that OP can weigh both and decide what they think will fit their needs best.


All great feedback. I have a lot to think about. I had heard DLR was better, but after this big WDW trip next spring I don’t have line of sight into another Disney trip, I’m going to attempt to see it. FWIW the Crowd calendars are insane for late March (9’s and 10’s).

I generally don’t camp out for shows snd parades which sometimes works great and other times not so great. At DLR, we found a great spot on the curb for the 2pm parade right before it rolled in, but for the fireworks show we had to keep walking around thd hub while cast mates rigorously kept folks from stopping! This was on a 8/9 crowd day.

Anyway, we lean more to menus found at Sanaa, Jiko, Skippers, Spice Road, Tusker House, Satuli etc over Italian or steak, which is why the options in HS for F! don’t necessarily accomplish two things for us. on this particular day we would likely eat at docking bay or rhonto roasters and call it.

I’ll look into the dessert options as we get closer as that could thread thd needle.

In the end, it sounds like WDW fits way more people than DLR, so as long as I arrive 45-ish+ minutes before we should be able to see it. I’m sure there will be more intel when F! Returns.

Maybe I’ll put that money towards Space 220 when we are in Epcot just for the novelty and uniqueness of the experience!


We eat at MM and get our desserts to go. That way we have lovely snack while waiting for show to start

The 2nd show if there is one you don’t have to get there that early for. It usually fits everyone.

I had the exact same experience as @PrincipalTinker also in 2019 and we share the same impressions … The seats were guaranateed, the house was packed and the seats were there even though we arrived only minutes before show time. As others have said, the location of the seats were pretty much on par with most of the other seats in the theater.

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Ahh. It’s the second show (if there is one) that maybe makes it easier to get in. Good to know. Maybe I’ll hold a just in case ADR and make a game time decision.

I think though I won’t be able to make 2 overlapping lunch ressies, right? Ie. If I wanted to book either 50.’s cafe if science fi, I wouldn’t also be able to hold one of the F! restaurant reservation?

The ghost account referenced above scares me as I’m sure I’ll get it wrong. Seems super complicated but maybe I’m over thinking it!