Ideas for Restaurants Between Epcot and HS

So, we’ve tried all the restaurants at HS, and would like to try mostly new restaurants on our next trip, except for a couple that DH and DD want to go back to (Raglan Road, Akershus, Tiffins, Crystal Palace, Coral Reef). I was thinking about leaving HS and going to one of the TS restaurants outside the park. Don’t want it to be a signature. What is your favorite over there, and why?

Flying Fish!

It’s the only one I’ve been to over there but it was amazing! Fresh seafood, top service, fabulous beverages, and a really cool space.

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Isn’t that signature?


Um, 1) I missed that detail. And 2) I’m not sure - we paid OOP and it wasn’t bad, expensive-wise.

Yep. It’s signature. :frowning: I can’t do more than 4 signature meals. Is it good enough to forgo Jikos or Tiffins?

Have not done either by @PrincipalTinker has done both. Maybe she could advise if dropping one would be worth it?

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I have been to all three. I too love FF but I do not think it is as good as Tiffins or Jiko. How about Ale and Compass? It has received some great reviews.


I knew you’d know!
I’m heading to Tiffins in 18 days so I’ll have an opinion on that one soon!


I’d like to hear from someone who’s gone to Ale & Compass, but I may be leaning toward that instead of Cape May. I looked at the allergy menu here on Touring Plans, and there are some yummy choices.

We loved Tiffins! That’s why it’s a must do again.


@bswan26 is the resident foodie I believe…


I liked Ale and Compass before it changed. And I can’t miss B&C for a no frills lunch/dinner, plus ice cream of course.

I have Blue Zoo on my wish list for next time. Anyone been?

I usually just go to the bar in BlueZoo. There is a lounge menu but you can also order off the full menu. I always head there after HS. It is very good! It takes TiW too .


Do you know whether B&C is allergy friendly? Some places are better than other. I have to admit that the ice cream looks yummy but DH can’t do dairy along with a whole host of other things.

Not sure on that but if you’re not going for the ice cream I’d skip it.

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I probably shouldn’t do ice cream. DD isn’t a big ice cream eater. I would like to go all out and splurge but I have several things to balance out: my glucose levels which I’m managing on a keto diet, allergic to most tree nuts & peanuts, can’t have a lot of gluten, and I have recently developed an allergy to some fruits (which aren’t on my diet anyway). I may splurge in the way of gluten and just live with the consequences, but that may mean more carbs. The nuts thing is serious, so I can’t cheat there. I’m almost as bad off as DH, but at least I can do dairy.

We did Ale & Compass last time. The parker house roll appetizer was yummy and DH said the chowder was alright. I had the short rib meal which I kept comparing to the one that was in the previous restaurant in the space and it did not live up to its predecessor, but wasn’t terrible. DH had the ravioli as a result of a tooth issue (don’t even get me started) and he thought it was ok. Overall, we decided if we were staying at BC or YC again, we would consider eating there again, but we certainly wouldn’t go out of our way for it.

I really Like Flying Fish. Since you said that you want non-signature… let me offer another recommendation.

I do Trattoria al Forno every year on the night before the WDW Marathon. I’m not sure how many times it’s been now (I’ve run the WDW Marathon, in combination with other races, 5 times now I think). Trattoria al Forno has not let me down since I started this tradition. Given the exclusion of Signature restaurants, I’d recommend TaF.

Good luck choosing, and good eating!


I usually enjoy Trattoria al Forno as well and it’s our go to in that area (we normally stay at BC, YC or BWI). The Bolognese is my go to and hasn’t let me down. (Not a seafood fan so I can’t speak to Flying Fish or Cape May).

I thought about it, but I’m not much into Italian food now that I can’t have gluten and I’m diabetic. :frowning: we may reconsider, though.

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Someone in chat, said some really good things about Ale and Compass. I think it was the steak and truffle fries?

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