Ideas for gift baskets

So I am organizing a trip to Disney world next summer for 24 people and they will allocate 500 dollars to put together gift baskets for them. My ideas are go down a day earlier and then go to the character warehouse and get goodies there. My idea for content of the basket is an autograph book and a pen, a mister fan, a t-shirt, Mickey or Minnie ears and a pin trading set. Any other suggestions ?

How many baskets will you make? One for each person, or one for each room?

One for each person

Not much more you can add, if my math is right, as your budget is about $20/basket.

Do you have the guests’ t-shirt sizes? It might be simpler, to avoid size confusion, to get something else that isn’t size-dependent, like maybe a cap/visor, or some form of plush/figurine.

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I will get t-shirt sizes. I’m going to make this a personal as possible. Ask for favorite ride,park, color and character

Going to watch hauls and stuff to increase the budget. This will cut back on souvenir buying and all the money will be paid for evenly.

I would definitely utilize the Dollar Tree! You should be able to find the baskets AND fun stuff to put in them. Even things like Disney character hand sanitizer or wet wipes, which would come in handy at the parks. Have fun shopping! :slight_smile:

I’m actually thinking of reusable bags for the container. It’s easier to pack.