Ideas for First Supper

OK we’ll be flying in mid-afternoon and checking into BCV so the first substantive meal will be supper.
I haven’t planned to hit a park until the next day.
My initial plan was Character Dining at Chef Mickey like DD26 and I did in 2000.
CR + characters = you’re very “in the World”.

Of course that’s not happening: there are no Character Dining supper options at resorts.

So where to go?
I’m the only family member who recalls being to WDW so I was looking for overt theming to communicate “we’re here”.

I guess I could go with Narcossee’s or Cali Grill - not because I want fine dining after what might be a very long day of flying - but MK might be in view. And there’s the monorail.

Or I guess there’s the food courts at the All-Stars…

Are there any non-park dining spots that you guys have up your sleeves where people won’t say “gee, sitting here you’d never know you’re in WDW”

Maybe this but in mirror or negative image??

You’re going to be at Beach Club? I’d go somewhere near there, honestly. Il Mulino, Trattoria al Forno, Yachtsman…

You could skyliner over to RR and Topolino?


:laughing: personally I was disappointed to find they don’t offer Character Dining in the Vatican.

I’ve heard good things about all of those. But I was thinking of keeping the local places on standby while we’re at the BC. Probably have a better idea once ADRs are nailed down.

But the skyliner > Topolino sounds promising for the 1st Supper.

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Kona at the Poly.

Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge.


When we arrive in the afternoon, we do an early QS dinner at our resort and then head to a park (preferably MK) for a couple hours. To me, that’s the best way to feel that you are “in the World”.

The problem with TS is that if your plane is late, you may miss your res (and pay a cancellation fee).


If your plane is late you just cancel before you leave the airport (MCO) and you are in plenty of time to avoid the no show fee. As long as you modify more than 30 minutes ahead to a future date (and then cancel) you will not be charged.


I thought about doing that.
We have another non-park day later in the trip with a Park Reservation parked there anticipating a postprandial foray.

Any estimates on how long the skyliner takes from IG to RR?
:thinking: walk to IG, wait for skyliner, walk to Topolino…
Thinking if we had 7 ADR, leave BC not later than 6… but maybe 5:45 would be better.

I would think an hour would be more than sufficient. It took no time at all in the other direction last year. I Topolino’d for breakfast and skylinered to IG right after. My last photo at the RR mosaics near the station was at 9:11. I shot a video from skyliner at 9:24. And I have a photo across the lagoon in WS at 9:42.

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OK thanks. Sounds like even with perusing RR as we go and I presume a temp check at Topolino’s we won’t be too rushing… [eyes DD5 suspiciously]

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Yes, my visit was pre-Covid so you definitely should pad your time for that but I think an hour should be more than enough even given that.

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