Ideas for a relaxing solo trip

So I am a super type A organizer here and I am trying really hard to not overplan my solo trip. I have my touring plans done for all my park days and I have a park hopper. All of my plans except AK end well before the park close and I don’t have a plan for what to do after I finish my TP.

Sooo. What are some off beat things to do at the parks that are not rides/shows/food? Looking for a list of things to pick from depending on how I feel on that day.

Take photos! All the little details you usually rush past.

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Two of my fave spots to enjoy a beer:
Harambe Markert (AK) Sit close to the fence and watch Wildlife Express pass through. Laid back and the sounds can be amazing

The benches behind the shops in UK. Beautiful view and generally not crowded.


Sit down, relax and do some people watching. Soooo many smiles to be gained by this simple act

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Read up ahead of time about all the little details that can be found in the parks and hotels, if you know where to look and significance of them. They can be hidden Mickeys and hidden Pascals, details that make things look so real (e.g. metal hinges shaped to look like old worn-out leather hinges at Liberty Square), or details that have special meanings (e.g. names in Main St. windows, years on buildings in Liberty Square/Frontierland). Then when you are at WDW, you can take time to see these things. It can even help pass time while waiting in line.

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I love watching British Revolution there! I hope they come back.

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Second this.

I find the Epcot trees alone to be interesting and I know way less about trees than say @bebe80 .
Imagineers searched for local imitations of trees from Japan, or UK, that would tolerate the Florida climate. And there’s the forced perspective thing.

Other examples would be the painting Tower of Terror a color that would blend in with Morocco, because Tower of Terror is visable behind that pavilion.

There are other to do things. For many trips one family member or other would get a hair cut at Harmony Barber Shop in MK because tradition. We once went to the barber shop, at rope drop, for a “do” and then went to HS for the rest of the morning. I think most go for a hair do or a gel Mickey head.

Another MK thing is the Flag Retreat at 5 pm. I’ve never felt the least emotional for fireworks but tissue is a must at the Flag Retreat.

There’s the animation drawing at AK.
And we once spent 2 hours watching the Disney vet staff do a wellness check on a komodo dragon. :flushed:

People watching is awesome - grab a libation, find a table and chill for awhile.

I love the model trains near Germany in Epcot and in the overhead in the Chester and Hester’s store in AK.