Ideas for a fast visit night before a full day in the park?

We (family of 4, kids 9 and 13) plan to do 2 full Universal days (Jan 21 and 22) with park to park tickets. We will be coming from 4 days at Disney (2 days, pool day, then another 2 days).
Since we arrive to our off-resort hotel on the 20th and could pop over to Universal for a few hours since we have the 2 extra days promo. I don’t want to burn the kids out, but also want to take advantage of the included extra days.
Any recommendations of what we should pop over and do for just a few hours? Want to save Harry Potter for the full days and we do not like the big coasters. thx

For low key maybe dine at Mythos and look around Suess Landing and do some shopping? We enjoyed ET as well.

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Since Saturday will be busier than Friday and you are not on-site, I would consider hitting a popular attraction with lower waits. Like Mummy in USF or Kong/Spiderman in IOA.

The Cinematic Celebration night show in USF at 7:00 is a great option too. Because you’ll probably want to be in the WWOHP the next couple days at dark.

Another option is enjoying a great show like Horror Make-up (comedy) or Bourne Stuntacular in USF.

In-park restaurant is a good idea, too.

Note that IOA is open 1 hr longer (8:00) than USF on Friday.


Great idea, thank you!

Awesome advice, thank you!

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I like this idea. Spiderman is a great ride (10 years ago I would have said it was the best ride in Orlando). Your kids may want to ride it multiple times.


You said you wanted to save HP for your full days, but if you plan on getting wands that evening would be good. Less crowds and the spells work better without sunlight.


That’s what we did— had zero wait for the wand ceremony at Olivander’s in Diagon Alley at around 7:30 pm. That way, we had our wands for the rest of the week. There’s usually a line in a.m.

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I totally agree! That way, you will have enough time to do that without wasting time on your full day.


Plus, mid-day the HP areas are very crowded. It is hard to soak in the fine details when you have to wait for other people to move to look at ‘shop’ windows.
But, then I have a low tolerance for crowds.

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