Ideas about my Aug morning in MK

We will be in MK in August on an EMM day. We have a 8 adr at bog. We are not doing the EMM. We plan to be in line for 7dmt before the rope droppers. Is it feasible to then go to ppf after without a super long wait? And then we would like to go to Space Mountain. We would then come back to Fantasyland and make our way to Frontierland. I would like to get FPP for 7dmt(we would like to ride twice), big thunder and splash. So I’m wondering what you think about my first hour of rope dropping 7dmt, then going to ppf, and then Space? Possible to do that in 1st hour? Thanks

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Haven’t done this personally, but feel like this would be a stretch I’m the first hour. May get to space towards end of hour but with a wait of 30 mins plus. Choice will come down to how much you want to do seven dwarves twice.

Not likely… If you are truly once of the first to 7DMT, even after a PPO BOG, on an EMM day you’ll be done with that ride in about 10 - 15 minutes. If you aren’t in the first couple hundred people that queue is going to be at least double that. (I’ve seen people get done a few minutes quicker, but they were truly the first few in line. Plus, EMM guests will still have access to the ride, even at 8:59am - which is when the CM will begin to walk you there. They don’t walk there any earlier on EMM days.)

You definitely can’t ride it twice in that first hour.

By the time you get done there, PPF will be at least 30+ mins standby.

Then getting over to Space - walking at a good pace - the queue will about 40+ minutes.

You’ve chosen three of the longest RD queues back-to-back.

Can you get it done in the first 90 minutes? Maybe, if you don’t stop to look at anything and walk briskly. Can you do it in the first two hours… probably. (Again… only riding 7DMT once.)

Thanks for the feedback

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I also have a PPO 8am breakfast reservation at MK in August on a day with EMM…crossing my fingers for a FPP for 7DMT and we’re gonna RD PPF…just planning on doing Fantasyland and Tomorrowland that day as we will already have done Adventure, Frontier and Liberty on our first MK day earlier in the week.
Good luck to you!

Those two with one of them being a FPP is completely doable in the first hour. If you haven’t seen it already check out easywdw for their how to do all of Fantasyland in a day - A lot of it before lunch.

Yeah we’re gonna try and get all of Fantasyland done by lunchtime and then head over to Tomorrowland. My TP looks pretty good, but something always goes wrong, so we’ll just have to see how it goes!