Ideal meal itinerary for a family of foodies

First, I wanted to say how amazing this community is! It is invaluable to have access to all of this information and resources. I also want to apologize for all of the posts I have been creating, it just has been so long since I have been to Disney that I know things have changed beyond recognition.

My family DW, DS (12), DD (5), are huge foodies. We all love to eat and try new things. In planning this trip my DW and kids made sure to let me know that they’re almost as excited about the amazing restaurant opportunities as they are about anything else. With that in mind, I have us set up with the DDP. I know it will be a lot of food and that we will be spending a lot of time sitting down at meals but that works for us. We will by in the World for 8 days in September.

This brings me to the reason for the post, we would like to do 3-4 character breakfasts on the trip along with a table service/signature dining meal everyday. The DW and I will be trying to score a reservation at VA’s for one night as well. I’m wondering what would your ideal meal itinerary look like with 3-4 character breakfasts and 7-8 table service/signature dining restaurants? Thanks!


We love character meals… Favorites Chef Mickeys (did dinner), Tusker house (late breakfast… After RD) , crystal palace…(late breakfast… After RD), garden grill (didn’t like D food, trying B in April… Characters fun), askerhaus (princesses… Did lunch… Didn’t like food, would do breakfast)…

Trying CRT this time…

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Also added Minnie’s Hollywood and dine for Fantasmic dinner… Heard good things and good value with DDP

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I second the suggestion of Tusker House for a character breakfast. There are quite a few different types of foods on the buffet that are different than the standard breakfast fare. We are a family of foodies, as well, and really enjoyed this character breakfast for the different flavors in the African foods. We also enjoyed Sanaa for the different flavorings (Indian/African) food. If you go while there is still light you can also see the animals wondering around outside.

We also enjoyed Akershus for breakfast (more for the characters and excellent service, but the food was also good).

I know you said character breakfasts, but we had dinner at 1900 Park Fare and there was nice variety and quality of food at the buffet and Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters were highly entertaining. You can also meet Cinderella and the prince at this one. We generally don’t like buffets as it seems to be food quantity over quality, but Tusker House and 1900 Park Fare were ones we would recommend.

We are heading to Disney in September, too and are excited to try some different places. I am looking forward to what everyone else has to say! :slight_smile:

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Garden Grill was a great character meal, lots of time with each character. But, as a “foodie”, you may not be super impressed by the food. I thought it was really good, but it’s similar to what you’d make yourself for dinner (turkey, roast beef, mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, etc.). That’s my only insight to the character dining. We really loved Boma, especially since it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, definitely worth the price, and it’s all African themed foods that you normally wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

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My favorites have been Ohana :slight_smile: Breakfast and dinner (dinner over breakfast)! We also love Boma :slight_smile:

My oldest daughter loves 50’s prime time

My youngest daughter loves and my son (14) has food allergies and he loved the Trail’s End.

A few other favorites were Cinderella’s Royal Table, Peco Bills, Teppan Edo, Via Napoli, Wolfgang puck Express is good but long wait and not many tables. The Boathouse is excellent but expensive. Cape May Cafe is also good for seafood :slight_smile:

Both of the shows are great too :slight_smile: I love the Spirit of Aloha and My kids love the Hoop De Doo Musical Review :slight_smile:

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It seems as if you have a lot of information about character meals so can I offer some TS recommendations? First just regular TS: Raglan Road at Disney Spring has some great food and at dinner live entertainment. Sanaa for lunch- get a window seat and share a bread service. Signature: l love Jiko! The combination of favors are amazing! Artist Point- great food in a beautiful setting, Hollywood Brown Derby- I always say I am always shocked by how good it can be, Flying Fish (if it is open), really doesn’t feel iike a signature to me but very, very good food.

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@PrincipalTinker I had thought about going to the Hollywood Brown Derby this time. My mom and I are going in February and our last day there is at HS :slight_smile: Right now for this trip I have Ohana and The Boathouse. We also have Be Our Guest for dinner and we are taking the Keys to Kingdom tour. I am super excited :slight_smile:

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You’ve got so many great options to choose from as foodies…a few of my faves are:

Tusker House for character meal with great food. Ohana was another that was a character meal with good food. To me the other like CP, 1900 PF, Akershus, ( all breakfasts for us) etc were about the character interaction for us. The food was good, but not what I would consider standing out from a “foodie” sense.

For sit down/signature meals, there are so many that are wonderful. I’ve done CG (beautiful view and food was great, Artist Point ( I don’t see to much fan fare compared to other signatures, but it was one of our favorite meals), Sanaa was another favorite ( i love indian food, and my kids were slurping the mango lassi like crazy after dinner!). CRT was good for characters, but the food didn’t rank up there with other signatures, IMO. I would say it’s probably a must with 5yo daughter. Breakfast at GF Cafe is just damn good…great pancakes, quiet atmosphere to begin the day. HBD is really good too. We ate there because we wanted someplace nicer in HS…Sci fi was also a fun experience there too.

The one signature that I REALLY want to try is Jiko. Everyone raves, so that’s one that won’t be missed for the next trip!

Another 2 credit meal that is truly worth it is HDDR! Yes, it’s fried chicken and beans, but it is an absolute ball! There are many on this sight that will offer a money back guarantee for HDDR if you don’t have a blast! I’d agree with them…

Good luck choosing where to eat…that’s honestly my favorite part of planning the trip.

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You will not be sorry! The issue is that everything is so good! You need to plan on apps, entree, and dessert!