Ideal lunch times?


On one of our MK days we will be in Frontierland around lunch time and will likely eat at Pecos Bills. We have been in there a few times before when the crowds were so bad you couldn’t find a place to sit. Not ideal… So, I’d like to avoid the rush at least as much as possible.

Based on when our FPs are we could eat as early as 11:50 or as late as 1:00, but we can’t wait any later because we want to see the parade starting at 2:00. I know both of those time options are dead in the middle of the lunch rush, but is either better crowd wise?

I guess if we ate at 1:00 we could literally just step out the door to see the parade. We are all tall, so no need for us to claim a spot early to be able to see.


We usually get food that is more portable and take it outside to sit and eat while we wait for the parade. I think last time we did nachos from Pecos Bill’s that we all shared.


Thanks for that idea! Depending on the weather we might try that. There are also things at Golden Oak Outpost and Tortuga Tavern nearby that my kids would like and could grab easily.


I came up with a good trick a couple weeks ago. Around 11, instead of trying to stop for lunch, my older kids and I got a Mickey bar to tide us over. Then, around 1:00PM, we were getting a little hungry but didn’t want too much to eat, so we got another Mickey bar. At 3 or so we wanted something to eat, but it was getting kind of late to eat lunch so we had, you guessed it, another Mickey bar! No waiting in lines required! The only problem was later when the kids sold me out to my wife and told her I got them ice cream 3 times.





I love it. That’s what disney is all about. Having 3 Mickey bars instead of lunch!! :joy:




Is this a good time to mention that our family has a once-a-year tradition of going to the local ice cream stand and splitting an enormous banana split for dinner? :wink: I fully support the 3-mickey-bar lunch for a day in WDW.


For QS (on the rare occasion I eat QS), before 11:00 and after 1:00 are the better options for shorter lines. I rarely eat QS, but when I do, this becomes my plan. I have a late “breakfast” around 10:00 (Gaston’s cinnamon roll), grab a “lunch” around 2:00. and have a TS dinner (outside of the park) somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00. I know, doesn’t work so well with kids…


I would eat at 1. We typically had lunch around 11/11:30 and lines were getting long by just before noon. Don’t forget mobile ordering to save some time as well.


I’d do 11:50 and mobile order. But my DW gets hangry if we don’t have regular meals.:blush:
But seriously, I think you’ll still be able to find a seat then.


Yes - mobile ordering is kind of a game changer; it wasn’t in place during my last trip…