Idea for First Night Dinner

Staying at Contemporary and getting there in afternoon from airport. No parks that day, so any recommendations on a good first night meal where we have a pretty open schedule? Not our first visit and we do usually go to Ohana, but any other spots we should try instead? Will be 4 adults, a 7 yo, 4 yo and 2 yo so difficult to go somewhere not on disney transportation. Was thinking about Sanaa or Boma, but seems difficult to get there. Open to Disney Springs, but want something themed and fun. Just do Ohana or 1900 Park Fare? I think we’ll probably do CM another time (if at all) for breakfast.

The obvious answer is Chef Mickey - if you want to splurge for a CM. AKL would be more difficult as you would have to take a bus from the CR to DS or one of the parks and then take another to AKL. Raglan Road in DS has awesome food and drink, and the entertainment is always fun. Although not on my list of favorites, many kids like Rainforest Café or T-Rex, both also in DS. I haven’t been, but Park Fare at the GF is another CM that many love.

It would be much easier to walk to MK and take the bus from there to AKL. You would have to go through security but that shouldn’t take long.

I agree with CM if you want a character meal. Or what about Whispering Canyon if not? Just take the boat over to WL.

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when we have those days when we get in too late in the afternoon to make the parks worthwhile, we go to Disney Springs for dinner. Weve eaten at Fulton’s Crab house (now the Paddlefish), Cookes of Dublin and The Boathouse.
its a fun evening for our daughter and there are lots of fun things to do and see.

We had a great time taking the boat from the Contemporary and eating dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe. It was one of my kids’ favorite meals.

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We did something like this on our trip. We chose to do Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. It was our favorite meal. We had so much fun and when we go back, will be doing it again. The other character meals we will pass on for budget reasons, but that one will stay.

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You could catch the boat to FW and do Hoop Dee Doo Revue. We haven’t been but I’ve heard it’s awesome and it’s on our must do list for next time!


My first thought is Hoop Dee Doo but if you are flying in I wouldn’t risk a prepaid on arrival night.

I like the Disney Springs, there are so many great options there now. Also love the walking to the MK to catch a bus idea–that really opens so many possibilities. I would consider the Whispering Canyon, it is on our bucket list to try.

I agree with the others who suggested taking the boat to Wilderness Lodge. Since you don’t have tickets, touring the lodge and taking the boat ride is a great deal of fun.

So good to hear this, I hear people complain about the food here all the time. I really wanted to go…

If you are looking for 5 star food, Mickey’s BYBBQ isn’t the place. The food was decent, but the meal was about the show. Kids get to dance on the dance floor with the characters and go to the sides to have their pictures taken with them. There’s a trick rope guy coming out putting on a show, and there’s a band. It all makes a good time, The food wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. For me and my family, it is highly recommended.

Plus, it’s all you can eat, and my daughter really likes Mickey bars. I mean, really, really, really likes Mickey bars.

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Eating at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge was really cool. It had stuff that kept us amused without being too much to take away from dinner consistently (after the long days before, we really wouldn’t have been able to do too much more). The staff were hilarious and the round-ups, horse riding and ketchup calls were good too.

Make sure you call out for Ketchup when you get there!

I too would recommend Whispering Canyon or Hoop de doo. Both are a quick boat ride from Contemporary which is a fun adventure on its own. And you can check out the Tri-Circle D Ranch before or after your meal. Sounds like a perfect start to your trip either way!! Enjoy!

Another vote for Hoop de doo. Super fun and entertaining for all ages and plenty of yummy food and drinks. As others have mentioned, it’s very convenient from your hotel and the boat ride over and back adds to the experience.

You could also do a meal other than Hoop de Doo at Fort Wilderness and then check out the campfire with Chip 'n Dale

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We usually arrive in the early afternoon and go to Disney Springs the 1st day. Last time was rainforest cafe and my 4 year old loved when the volcano would go off. Next time it’ll be T-Rex

THIS is my favorite Disney thing of all time - Chip and Dale’s Campfire. Hands down, the most fun I have had - absolutely a must do. We’ve been during Christmas the past two trips and they do not do this in December, so I’ve got to get this into my plans!

Thanks for the reminder!

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