Idea for custom made shirts

Ok - so I’m going to spill the beans. My wife said she won’t participate because she would be embarrased, but I think it’s hilarious.

Back a few weeks ago, she showed me a picture of a couple she knows at Disney World with matching shirts. Hers said “We finish each other’s” and His said “Sandwiches”. I shouldn’t have to explain where this comes from. I sat there a minute and told my wife we needed to have that when we go in November. My idea was hers to say “He picks his nose” and Mine would say “And eats it.” If anybody commented on it, I would just say “All men do it.”

Come on, that’s funny right there.

Any idea where I can get something like that made?

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We got custom made matching sweatshirts via Etsy.

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The closest I ever came to that was wearing matching dresses with my daughter when she was about 4. At Busch Gardens she got to be the star of the dolphin show, I have to think it was because the People In Charge noticed us. Now attention can be good, or it can be bad… depending on what you’re up to, I suppose.:wink:


I think the clear winner in this area is the following matching shirts:
Hers: Elated
His: Gassy


@larrielaine can make shirts and she does a great job I would ask her.


Ditto. She did this shirt for me (since I was having trouble finding a similar one already done through Etsy):

(Note…the wrinkles are because I literally opened the package from the mail and put it on immediately.)

Gotta say, I don’t think I’d see that and think it’s funny. Just gross! But, I will admit I’ve seen a lot of these matching T-shirts for couples that I like.

My wife and I got matching T-shirts. But in our case, they really are matching. Different color shirts themselves, but the image on them is the same. Hers is glittery, mine isn’t. (I don’t have a picture of it.)

Then, we also bought themed T-shirts that don’t match, but exhibit a similar vibe. For our DHS day, for example, I bought a T-shirt with Darth Vader holding a Mickey Mouse balloon, and her shirt has a glittery Darth Vader mask with mickey mouse ears.


I admit, my sense of humor is quite dry. If I saw another couple with that shirt and my wife refused, I’d be jealous.

That’s ultimately what’s cool about the T-shirt thing. It is a great way to express your individual personality. Although, I suppose when trying to find a COUPLES T-shirt set, you have to compromise somewhat there!

I am sometimes surprised at what people are willing to wear in public sometimes, though. Like some of those “Big Johnson” T-shirts. They are quite lewd in a double-entendre sort of way, yet people have no trouble wearing them openly! (I’m not sure if Disney would allow them in their parks, but I’ve seen them in other amusement parks.)

I have a tendency to like shirts that have a more intellectual bent to them (to the point that some people don’t get them). One T-shirt I was REALLY tempted to get, but I figured very few people would actually get it, was one that read, “Please stand clear of where the door used to be.” :slight_smile:


I am more than willing to help you out with this @Dad_of_twin_girls. Just shoot me a PM.

Thanks @joefishing209 and @ryan1 for the votes of confidence!


I would LOVE to do it. Problem is… I have to convince the wife. Let me work on it. I’ve gotten her to change her mind on much bigger things than this. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t really get the monorail shirts until our week of riding the monorail… and now I would totally wear one. That shirt looks great!


This thread spawned these quick turnaround shirts.


That’s HILARIOUS!!! I’m trying to get my kids to want to do that. One is in agreement. The other isn’t. The one who is even said she would wear the gassy shirt.

Even funnier would be for an accompanying child to have one that said “Somewhere in that zone”

Yes, I’m a little bit horrible. In a self-amused sort of way.

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Sigh. Here comes my ‘stick in the mud’ rant.

I’m saddened that society has decided that funny is guys being shown as classless buffoons that couldn’t string a thought together without their long-suffering but highly intelligent and capable wives to help them along.

What happened to equality, as in, both sexes get equal respect, instead of one constantly being portrayed as nothing more than comic relief?

I have sons, so I get testy about such things, particularly when I see it in children’s programming. Any show that has an intelligent guy must have a smarter girl and to top it off, stupid or checked-out parents and clueless teachers. That’s what our children are learning to think is funny. It’s hard on the self-esteem of our boys.


On one hand, I agree with you. You know my favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time? It was a few years ago - for a Toyota Camry. It had a narrator that said (and I think I can quote the whole commercial) “Being a dad is more than being a father. It’s a choice. A choice to get hurt rather than to hurt. To be bold when others are scared. A choice that says you’ll be there to show them right from wrong by your words and by your actions. Being a dad is more than being a father. It’s a commitment. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices some day.” The commercial has a dad who is dropping his daughter off at the airport as she is going to deport for the military. I liked it because many of the commercials are exactly what you say. This one wasn’t.

But, I also have learned that maybe I shouldn’t get offended at the smallest little slight. I don’t think these shirts are classless. It’s a movie reference. I’ve also learned to laugh at myself a little. It’s different when you are making a joke about yourself than someone else. I’m simply making a joke laughing at myself, that’s all.

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