ID required on first visit?

Does a first-time visitor with a magic band linked to a park ticket need to show ID the first time they tap in at a park?

The fact it’s their first visit makes no difference.

I don’t think they would have to, unless they have a restricted ticket (FL resident, AP, Canadian resident). But for the U.K. tickets I wouldn’t think so. They won’t have to collect a hard ticket, unless they want to in which case they will need ID.

When I went with 13 people, 12 managed to just get in using their magic bands (it was the first time for 7 of them) and registering their digitals, no IDs requested. One had an issue and had to go to guest services, which might have requested her ID.


All that said, ID may be required if ordering alcohol. CMs are supposed to ask everyone regardless of appearance. Do they always? No. But if they ask and you don’t have it, you don’t get the drink.

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Indeed. I always carry ID, and that means my passport as I don’t have a photo driving licence. I should probably do something about that but technically that could mean a fine of £1000 ($1250) - as I don’t drive it I don’t even know where my old one is.

Wow!! That is a steep penalty for losing a license!! How much does one cost in the first place??

Thanks, everyone.

My reason for asking was because I’m planning my October trip (naive much?) and I’m planning on using the magic band and associated ticket that my friend would have used, in addition to my own. He’s never been, so there’s no issue with it being tied to his fingerprint or any other identifying details. And he’s not coming now, so it’s a lovely solo trip. With, if all goes to plan, park-hopping FPPs. Hell, I’ve paid twice, I feel I’m entitled to have double the FPPs.


you might be able to just call and get it reassigned to yourself. worth a shot.

It was when they converted to photo licences many years ago. You had a year to do it, and I didn’t bother because I don’t drive. I passed my test, I just never drove enough to gain confidence so I don’t.

I think the penalty for missing the deadline was £100 and then increased year by year. But I suspect it applies to someone caught for a driving offence and not having a photo licence.

That wouldn’t get Matt the extra FPs though. The FPs are tied to a person, you don’t get more by having an extra ticket.

Ah, gotcha.

You could have 2 accounts, one with and one without your middle name, or same name and different emails. If anything went wrong your id could be used to fix it. But I think that somehow costs money for UK tickets.

Yes. The ticket is currently in my friend’s name. I can transfer it to one of my dummy accounts, but then it would only get 30 days of FPP because it’s not tied to a reservation. I tried swapping the names on the reservation but Disney wanted £50 to do so, which is an outrageous rip-off.

Tell them your friend was exposed to coronavirus and ask if they’ll waive the change fee.

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