ID and Password

I saved link to homepage of IPhone is there a way to save ID and Password so I don't have to log in every time ?

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I was just about to ask this same question. I've been jumping about between apps and was ok for a bit then got bumped out and had to login to the forum again.

I haven't had to re-login yet. I hate when I have to do that.

The forum uses your TouringPlans account to log in. If you're already logged in to, then all you would need to do is click "Sign In" on the forum and you'll be immediately redirected here and logged in. If you save your login and password in the browser, you wouldnt have to re-type it in. If youre getting logged out of the forum often, or out of Touring Plans often, then you might have cookies turned off.

This is from my iphone 5 in safari. I'm logged in but have had to re login a couple of times now. Even when not skipping from app to app. I clicked to get to the main forum page and was asked to log in again. And I have my phone set to accept cookies.