I wonder how long before Disney shuts this down!

It’s unavailable in Europe :confused:

It is basically describing a restaurant based on the ride Soaring and a very similar restaurant to on at DLR by the same name. But from what I can tell, it is not affiliated with Disney in any way.

Here is what they wrote:

A new restaurant is has opened in Fresno called The Hangar.

It’s located in River Park in the same spot as the old World Sports Cafe. The Hangar will serve burgers, tri-tip sandwiches, salads, and other American classics. The inspiration behind the restaurant stems from a popular Disneyland ride.

“Not everyone can go to Disneyland but they can come and feel that aviation experience. We have a video that runs on the screen inside and its soaring over the Central Valley,” said director of operations Bitsy Coe.

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Thanks! Sounds like they are skating on very thin ice.

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I agree!

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