"I will ride, I will fly; Chase the wind and touch the Sky"e - A Scotland Trip Report

Who: Mis Padres in their late 60s - early 70s and Hubby and I in our early 40s. Very adult trip but an active one!

What & Where & When: 18 total days mostly in Scotland from Edinburgh thru the Highlands and Isles with a popover in London. DH has never been to London so we’ll do a whirlwind dinner and open top bus tour so he can see the sights at night all lit up.

Too Much?

Why: DH and DF(ather) are both huge Scotch lovers/collectors and so really, they drove this trip. My DB(rother) went to Scotland for a backpacking trip and really loved it. I believe he talked my mom into being interested and so that’s where with this started though we won’t be doing more than day hiking. But we did plan lots of nature stops, castle stops, and whiskey stops.

This is my first time using a travel agency (Luxury Scotland Tours) to plan most of it which weirdly almost stresses me out more control freak that I am LOL Like did they book all the right hotels/rooms/dinners, etc. I did of course add some sprinklings of my own here and there and I’ll call that out.

In preparation, I have watched lots of Youtube videos including Babies with Scottish Accents (LOL), Men in Kilts of course (Sam Heughan is my Hall Pass!), Braveheart, Outlaw King, Brave of course!, Outlander, Harry Potter films, Skyfall, and I’d like to catch Highlander if I can on the plane. I’ve seen it but it’s been years. I am prepared to drive on the left side of the road (as I’ve done this in NZ so I feel confident) and ready to replace the word yes with aye. What else do I need? :wink:

We got a really good rate on British Airways for Business Class seats (via booking thru American Airlines which was somehow cheaper than booking thru British Airways). It was only about $3K+ (round-trip) but paying to pick your seat added $400 I believe. Other airlines and later in the year they wanted $7K+ so we decided to go for it! We had originally booked our direct flight from AUS(tin) → Heathrow with a short flight to Edinburgh with a 2:15 layover and they put us on an earlier flight to Edinburgh from Heathrow giving us 1:10 layover when even their own policy states 90 min minimum to deal with all the hubub at the aiport including switching terminals. To top it off they didn’t even tell us. I just happened to check a month or so out and notice. So, then I had to spend two hours on the phone, first with American Airlines to switch us back to the flight we had chosen last fall and then call British Airways to pick our seats again (we lost our seats on the short flight though we are still in the same class but further back now). So they make you pay for your seats, they change your flight to something even they say don’t do when they have plenty of other later options, they don’t inform you of this, and then you have to spend 2 hours of your day dealing with two different airlines to get it fixed and you don’t get to keep the seats you paid $400+ to pick in the first place. Customer Service??? Insane to me but it’s all worked out now and hopefully that’s the worst travel issue we have!

Here we go…


I’m so excited to follow your trip. I love Scotland.


Have so much fun! I know this is going to make me want to go back again!

Which Isles are you seeing?


Skye and Islay



Also socks, eye mask, ear plugs and toothpaste/toothbrush

Bottle of water, headphones, pillow and blanket. Let’s do this nap thing!


I love Isle of Skye!! Have the best time!!



Alrighty so here’s the tea….

While in flight our 11:50am (2:15 layover flight) was cancelled. And they put us on different flights and very much later so now one of us has a 6 hour layover and the others 8 hours. Will miss our planned hike to Arthur’s Seat but I was able to rebook dinner for 9pm. It’ll be tight even making that as we land at 735pm but fingers crossed.

It was all a bit stressful and took a bit to get it worked out but now I’m in a bar having ordered an Irish Coffee and Chips (aka fries but when in Britain) so I’ll be alright in a minute here lol.



I can’t believe they did that to you! I’m sorry.


Such is life and we shall get there right as apparently all the Swifties will be heading to the show so competing for Ubers/taxis will be fun as our car service cannot pick us up at the later time. But at least we’ll get there!


Great attitude! Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.


I’m still here. Do I live here now?!?!

I feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal



And then there were three that lived in terminal 5 at Heathrow. One guy asked us we sat in a random gate if we were going to Frankfurt. My response. Nope we just live here. He chuckled


This makes me so sad. Any chance you can fit in the hike another time? It’s so wonderful.


Yup mom and I are gonna do it tomorrow while the boys whiskey taste so the ladies will still get to


Good!’ I would put the hike on the can’t be missed list.


We’re on a plane! Moving on up!


And DH has just landed. So one of us made it at least. :wink:


Wheels down! I’ve never quite had that experience before and hope not to again. Thank goodness we’re driving everywhere else that matters.