I want all the mountains and some ghosts

I’ve never been to MK on an AM EMH day. First time mid November and just realized Splash, BTMRR, and HM aren’t open during EMH. So…trying to rearrange my strategy. Can someone help me think through this?

Background- just me and DD15 on weekend trip. MK is 11/8. AM EMH and MVMCP that night. Plan to RD EMH and take midday break before heading back to party. Plan to hit Space during party for the special Xmas effects. DD’s favorite rides are Splash, BTMRR, and HM (in that order). Hoping to get second rides on Splash and BTMRR so wanted to ride each once SB.

Currently have later afternoon 7D FP. I WAS going to RD PP, BTMRR and HM before 9AM. Then use my late FP when we return for the party. I don’t like having FP tied up until late afternoon but I figured between EMH and the party I’d hit a bunch of other rides and we’d be fine.

NOW since I can’t RD BTMRR I plan to try up until the last minute to modify that 7D to much earlier. If I am unsuccessful do I:

1-Keep 4:30 7D FP, RD PP and then fit in a few rides before doing second RD at 9AM for BTMRR then back to HM in that first hour before lines build.
2- Ditch the 7D FP to free up my tap and grab choices, RD 7D and maybe PP if line hasn’t gotten too long during EMH. Then do second RD for BTMRR.

I’m worried lines at 9AM for BTMRR will be long so I’m thinking I want to ditch that 4:30 FP in favor of trying for two rides with tap and grab. BUT - I got a 7D FP <60 days out for a busy holiday weekend and chances of getting another are slim.


I would keep 7D FP but also try to rope drop it. If you are successfull then you can try to modify the FP to something else (or keep it for a re-ride later). If only 2 people you’ll find lot of same day FP, maybe even for one of the mountains with some effort.
So i’d RD 7D (and modify FP to something else if able to rope drop, but keeping it till after you ride in case it’s closed during emh or line too long), then head over PP (if line isn’t already too long) and plan to rope drop btm at 9.
Which are your other two fastpasses?

Lines won’t be long at BTMRR.


Thanks! I hadn’t thought about 7D and it’s morning closures. Good point.

Other FP are Splash at 12:25 and BTM at 1:35. Trying to modify BTMRR to much earlier and Splash to more like 11. If it’s a chilly morning we won’t want to ride early but it’s a must do so I can’t chance not having a FP for it.

I planned this trip at 58 days. I’ve never not had the 60+ FP advantage so I’m used to having the right FP at the right time so I can do my TP and obsessively tweak it for two months. This hunt for a better time is killing my TP mojo.

Ok, Good. I was hoping the EMH crowd won’t all head over there right at 9. I know the regular RD crowd will hit Fantasyland and Space.

Here’s a blog with lots of photos that show what it’s like to RD Frontierland during busy times -


With your date it should be less crowded, so you can probably get even more done.

Thanks. This post also made me want to find a little time in our plan to ride the omnibus if it’s out.

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