I want a crepe to go with my guest services

On arrival day I will need to go to Guest Services to upgrade to PH and hopefully add G+ to the length of my stay. (You may remember I was unable to accomplish this after almost 6 hours of phone time last week.)

We are staying at BWV so I planned to walk over to GS at the IG as it’s rarely crowded. Planned to then take Skyliner over to HS for the evening. Our APR is for HS.

BUT I just made a 4pm ADR at the new Crepe spot in France since we will be right there and likely starving after traveling all day. What do you think my chances are of convincing GS to let us into Epcot without first tapping in at HS?

Slim to none, unfortunately. I’ve heard that they are very strict about this.


If it’s a 4pm adr why cant you switch your park reservation to Epcot and then hop to HS? Is Epcot sold out? If it’s not sold out you could switch it after they fix it.


I would make a back up adr at one of the boardwalk resorts like beach club if you will be starving.

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Um, because I’m an idiot. Thanks!


My plan was to grab pizza at Boardwalk pizza and then do a real dinner at HS. But I watched an All Ears review of La Creperie and thought “YUM!”. I was thinking a very early 4pm dinner and then snacks while we ride stacked LLs at HS in the evening.

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I would wait to switch the park reservation until after they fix it. They might even change it for you. I don’t know how that effects genie plus. I have zero idea of how all of that works.

It shouldn’t affect my G+ but I may wait anyway. Unlikely to have Epcot sell out that day. If it does this little favor can be part of the recovery package I intend to ask for after 6 hours of phone time trying to give them my money.

Are your tickets not linked into your app?

They are linked and have been for months.

One CM said they couldn’t add G+ for length of stay or upgrade me to PH because there was one day of my stay that was totally sold out and it was an annoying glitch in the system (nvm that I already had tickets and APRs for all my days).

Another CM claimed they couldn’t add G+ for length of stay or upgrade me to PH because I bought my tickets from Undercover Tourist rather than directly from Disney.

Both said I have to go in person to GS when I get there. In the meantime I will have to buy G+ just for arrival day before 7 am AND reserve LLs and ILLs while trying to get to the airport.

I think it’s all BS and I wasted 6 hours and will have to waste more at GS. So, I will ask for some recovery options. I’m always very nice. And I totally understand it’s not the CM’s fault they are stuck with this system. But I would like something as compensation at this point.

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I bought my ticket with Expedia points and then the added genie plus later in MDE. It’s only one day though. That is BS.

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So, thanks to this conversation with you I popped back into MDE to see if the parks were still sold out everyday (I had seen posts that Disney had released more inventory). They were no longer totally sold out for the 21st so I thought I would try again to buy G+ and upgrade to PH online. And - SUCCESS!! So, CM#1 was right. It was all about the sold out day.

Now I don’t have to hang out at guest services and I will forego my crepes.


Yay!!! That’s awesome.

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And this is completely and totally untrue. I was able to add G+ to 10-day tickets bought from a third-party seller.

Glad you are set.

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Yeah, it was very frustrating to get three different answers from three different CMs only to eventually be told to go to GS at the park on arrival day.

So you added it yourself after linking the tix in MDE?

And, really, who wants to do that and on arrival day in particular. You arrive, and are ready and eager to commence having fun. But, nooooo, they expect you to get in line to sort out a Disney created problem. Not very magical.

Exactly! That’s why I was going to demand some sort of compensation. Gift card, LL, something. But then they added APRs and there were no sold out days during my week anymore. Then I was able to add it myself online. Which is all I wanted to do to begin with. So, no free stuff for me after all. But also no annoying time at GS on arrival day.


Yes, no problem. This summer, I bought tickets from the TP recommended seller. Dave-something? They already had park-hopper on them. I linked them to MDE.

Then a few days after G+ started I clicked on Change Tickets and I added them. That was easy-peasy. Only problem was that was before the added tax was known. I’d gotten Disney gift cards at Sam’s for the exact amount. So, I was peeved to have to get out the credit card for tax.

I remember the people that had the problem adding them were those that had packages. They were supposed to call Disney. If I’d had a package, and knowing the torture that is calling Disney, just that would have made me cancel the package and go with tickets-only and hotel-only.

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And really, would they have given you enough free stuff to make it worthwhile? Not saying that they wouldn’t have tried to be magical. But, that first bit of vacation, like the first sip of beer, is best.