I’ve been MIA and FP is Wed

I started a new job and have been so busy and overwhelmed learning my new business, I’m an Independent Wine Consultant with Scout and Cellar! I’ve neglected these boards and my TP and FP is Wed. I’m freaking out. Anything major I’ve missed? I see there is some talk again about whether or not we can make FP’s for party days? Omg, I am so overwhelmed.

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How long are you going for? My FP day was this past Thursday. I couldnt get SDD FP until 60 + 6. I got FOP for 60 + 5. I had to rearrange my ADR’s but in the end it was worth it.


Oh bummer 11-17. AK is day 4 and HS day 5. We do have park hoppers if needed.

Hopefully it will be a less busy week and you will have luck getting them. We are leaving the morning of the 12th.

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Congratulations on the new job. It sounds interesting. You will have to review Disney’s own label wines/champagnes😉.

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Hmmm, I hate to brag, well actually I do, lol, because our wines are organic, no added chemicals, no pesticides, no added sugar, low in sulfites. I don’t get headaches from our wine :smiley: I think Walt and Mickey would have liked it! I’ll look into theirs!

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Sounds amazing. I think that you owe it to your liner friends to taste and review Disney own label wines on your next trip! :wink:

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Hopefully you can block out some time between now and Weds morn, to do your TPs. I find it so helpful to have them set up, to know best fpps to get each park.

I’ve been having a glitch sharing my TPs, working on it w IT today. But I can give you a list of most important fpps for us, in approximate order of search on fpp day. If you get your most wanted, hard to get fpps even b4 doing TP, you’ll be that much ahead of the game!


I couldn’t get FOP, 60 &2. Got SDD only at 6:45 60 &7. But no worries, there’s a great video re RDing FOP. And there have been really good trip reports re RDing SDD. We’re RDing both, b/c littlest one is most looking forward to SDD.

According to my TP, no need for fpps during party, but if you decide you want those, AuntB is the pro regarding those fpps around here. But you can do that after your 60 day window, since best way to do party fpps is at 30 day, on a dummy MDE account- so that can wait til later.

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