I thought i would vist

Hello friends whats new


Hi Niter! Nice to see you checking in over here. I’ve been having fun following your Instagram adventures.

Hola @niter! Cómo estás?

Brb googleing that question

I am fine thank you how r u

Enjoying the snow. Another 5 inches to go on top of the gazillion feet we already have…

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3 full years here still dont miss it

Enjoying??? Nice having a good attitude

Hi Niter! Nice to see you here! Enjoy that Florida weather for the rest of us stuck here in the snow! :smile:

Hi Niter! I haven’t met you but my DD is going to a Blackhawks game Friday night and I thought you might find that interesting given the jerseys you wear!

Awesome!! I went to blackhawks/lightning last when they came down , it was amazing

Hi @niter!!!