I thought I knew stuff, but still so much to ask

Tweaking my spring break trip and had a few questions:

  1. AK: How long would you schedule to do Train/Rafiki’s Planet Watch/Conservation Station and all there is to see there including a Wilderness Explorers badge or two?
  2. DS: We are planning to leave Epcot in the afternoon to head to DS for dinner/shopping? What is the best way to travel there? Is there a bus from E to DS? Bus to resort and then transfer to bus to DS? Uber (party of 6)? Other?
  3. E: best countries for Agent P (played Mexico 2x already and we think China)
  4. HS: Can younger child enter park with my older child (DD7 (almost 8) and DS 15–very mature looking (6’4") and acting)? I know he can enter alone but wasn’t sure if she could enter without official adult. We are considering splitting the group after an afternoon break as some want to do other attractions at HS and they just want to hang at hotel room and then return for Fantasmic about 90 min after the others.
  5. Shows for crowd level 6/7: How early to be in line for FoTLK and Nemo shows and Frozen Ever After just to get in?
  6. Magical Express: How far before arrival do you usually receive luggage tags? Got my Magic Bands last week but no luggage tags yet–T-12 days.


  1. DS - depends on time of day - after 4 there will be buses direct from Epcot. Although depending on where you are, it may be easier to leave via the International Gateway and take the bus from Beach Club. No reason to go back to your resort given the Epcot resorts are an easy walk.

  2. For FoTLK and Nemo we weren’t that early and got in with ease on a day around those crowd levels. 15 minutes should be plenty I’d presume, although earlier is safer obviously.

  3. Luggage tags - pretty sure had ours well before that. I don’t remember exactly when ours arrived, but I know we got them for the wrong resort twice (we’d moved our reservation & that didn’t propagate through out the entire system apparently) before getting the right ones on the 3rd pass. I’m fairly certain one year we didn’t have tags at all and they still snared them and get them to the right place - we stopped by the DME main desk on arrival and they got them, although I remember being relatively nervous that was going to work. I would likely call/email now to check to request them now…

Hi there - our luggage tags were in the Magic Band packaging. Check each side of the box. Wait - those are actual luggage tags, NOT barcoded Magical Express ‘tape’ strips for your bags. Those were in a much earlier mailing that looked just like any other piece of marketing mail which I nearly threw away. You’d better call to order new ones.

No help on most of your questions…too much of a newbie here. But I can answer about the tags. Our DME luggage tags came in January. Our cutesy Disney package luggage tags/magic bands came on Saturday! We leave March 24.
I also almost threw the DME envelope away, because it just looked like regular “junk” promotional mail.

Since you did it twice, I’m guessing y’all enjoyed Agent P in Mexico? We’ve never done it, but that’s the country I was leaning towards doing when we go.

I’m also curious about the crowd levels. They are also predicted at a 6/7, and I’m wondering about how accurate that will be considering our week is one of the Spring Break weeks.

Definitely get on the horn regarding the luggage tags. Hopefully there is still time to send you replacements. Are you positive DME is part of your package? (If you didn’t book on Disney’s site, there may have been an extra step needed to set it up). I nearly forgot one year but got very lucky and was able to get it set up about 3 weeks before or trip.

Agent P: we enjoy the UK very much.

Rafiki: unless you have small children, I’d budget zero time for this. The train ride is OK, but the rest of it is a bit of a bore, IMHO. Petting zoo… No thanks.

You may want to consult with guest services about the age requirements. I can’t remember how that works…

You should call magical express : 1 (866) 599-0951

My tags went to my travel agent by mistake

Ahh. Thanks. I will try that.

Re 4) there was recently a chat thread about this. I think I remember that Disney requires under-14 to be accompanied by an over-14. So yours will be fine. I will look and let you know if I’m wrong but I’m 80% sure that’s right.

Yep, here’s the official link disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/parks/minimum-age

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