I think it's safe to say... It's becoming habit

So for a few years we were every other year to WDW. I saw it as a compromise… A wall to wall Disney trip sandwiched with a relaxing beach or Mountain break.

Then last year the “off” year somehow become Universal and an Orlando resort (spent 1/2 the trip at the resort).

Now with all the the juggling of trip due to the pandemic, we locked ourselves in into 2 years in a row at WDW with not using the DVC credit on this trip.

So here we go again… The countdown is on again… Just confirmed my DVC credit this morning for next June 9 to 17 at Boulder Ridge at WL.

Let the countdown begin.



It’s so easy to do!


:rofl: yeah 4 out of 5 years in Orlando isn’t exactly every other year.


Well if you’re averaging out over your lifetime, you’re probably under the every other year average! See my enabling logic?


Lol, your proving my philosophy in life that you truly can justify most actions if you try hard enough, lol


So easy to do!

Our first trip was in 2015. It was supposed to be our “big trip” until my youngest (who was 2 at the time) was at least 5.

But then we loved it so much we thought, quick, let’s book again in 2016 right before the youngest turns 3. This was supposed to be our last trip for a while…

But then we went the next year, and the next…

We are 28 days until trip #6. We’ve been on our “once in a lifetime trip” every year since 2015! hahaha :grin::crazy_face:


The first step is admitting you have a problem.


Welcome to the madness. It only gets worse.


Disney Math at its finest!!


Haha I read this fast and thought it said Disney mEth

Also appropriate :crazy_face:


my first trip as an adult was in 2015, too. i was slightly clueless going into it, thought it was a one-time thing with family, and never would’ve guessed i’d go back. well, a couple of trips later, i’m still here on the forum and longing to go back again. grateful to have so many folks sharing their trips with us here!


First visited as an adult in January 2018.

Prior to that, I largely avoided my wife when she mentioned the word “Disney”. I cringed at the thought of wasting all that money! I finally gave in, acknowledging that the kids deserve their ‘once in a lifetime’ trip. (Especially since me and my wife had the same as kids). :relieved:

DS was 11 and DD was 9. So perfect ages to do a combined WDW, UOR trip. I enjoyed the planning very much leading up to the trip in January '18. Trip went great, 7 full days at the parks, literally one drop of rain, temps in the 70’s. :slightly_smiling_face:

So on the plane coming home, I said to DW: “I really enjoyed it and we need to come back again sometime” LOL. So much for sticking to my guns…:rofl:

We are booked for March 2021. And I doubt the next trip after that I’ll be able to wait 3+ years to return! :wink:


:rofl: same addictive qualities it appears…

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