I think I broke the System... (1-1/2 days at MK)

I tried putting in too many things to optimize and ended up with a 10,000 minute wait on multiple items. Ive seen previous threads that plans cannot be optimized over multiple days in the same park, so what is the best way to achieve that type of plan?

Basically I have two days at Magic Kingdom (one from open to close and a second day from open until around 5 or 6pm). I realize that fireworks and other nighttime shows have to go into the first day, but how do you pick and choose the rest. Is it better to go with all my top attractions on day one just to make sure I get them in? And then, how many can I choose before the system “breaks” again? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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you do a separate plan for each day. I like to try to fit the must do’s on the longer day. And then pad around them with adr’s and breaks. Then the next park day, you can plan some must do’s in case you missed them or you can just use that time to experience them again.

some people also pick specific areas of the park for each park day (tomorrowland/fantasyland on one day, LIberty Square/Frontierland/Adventureland on another).

The great thing about the optimizer is that it will tell you the best order for whichever Plan you choose.

Thanks for the suggestion. Part of the problem is that I am doing this for a relative. They said that the kids snack mostly throughout the day so they probably will not be stopping for formal meals. What I’m afraid of is that they take the Touring Plan as a suggestion of order only and not that it is time specific. The other thing I ran into is that they plan on being at the park from open to close. Even with changing the pace to relaxed, it leaves a 2-3 hour break between the last attraction and the start of the evening entertainment (MSEP/Wishes). Do you suggest that I maybe throw in a few breaks every few hours just to trick the plan into a longer day?

If they tend toward longer snack breaks, throw some in. But, if they don’t have enough attractions to fill day one, move some day two activities to there. If they will be so efficient to experience it all with hours to spare, that’s a good problem and a chance for more re-rides and leisurely activities

I don’t have my book in front of me, but IIRC they do have some not-a-plan plans. More hand wavy and less schedule driven. I tried using them when I visited back in AUG 2013. I won’t say I did not enjoy them, but the whole family had a better time when I poked a schedule into the app and tried harder to stick to it.

When I have multiple days in a park, I tend to plan around FP+. I take the three that I know I want for the first day and try to schedule other attractions near them. Things that don’t fit go into the next day.

As for having a 2-3 hour stretch with nothing much to do, ask me about the time we rode Star Tours three times in a row :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (we missed a show time at HS and decided to “just wing it” until Fantasmic)