I really wanna LIKE your post. :)

So forgive me if I’ve just missed the news – I’ve been busy and away more than I’d like lately – but do we know why the hearts / likes aren’t working? And do we think they’ll be back someday? Or are they intentionally gone forever?

When I first came to the forum I didn’t even know how to use those little hearties. Now I feel like I can’t line without them! :slight_smile:

Haha, yes there were some issues with the server last weekend and the resident guru who can fix the remaining issues is out of the country at the moment. I’m sure he’ll get us patched up when he returns.

Awesome. Thank you!! And, might I add, :heart:

Brads’s back Monday. Be strong!

Thanks for the update! A few fellow DLR liners and I were just talking about how we have been having trouble going from dashboard to forum. We both get a blank page but I can refresh and it goes to forum, where he cannot on work or home PC. Sure Brad will fix it all up :smiley:

I hope @daybreaker2 is bringing back souvenirs for everyone

Maybe the souvenir will be the ability to give more hearts

THAT would be awesome. Unlimited hearting!!

Little blue pills for all!

Can we throw a party for Brad when he comes back. I have not had the mobile version on my phone since SAD Saturday. I also miss the likes. I don’t think I had my computer on much since Tuesday and at work we don’t have non-work internet access. I read posts sideways and post upright. I like a challenge but I think I had enough.

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I definitely support the idea of throwing a party. First, this reminds us how much we need all these folks. Second, who wants to come back from an awesome vacation to a bunch of whiners (and I am talking about ME) who can’t heart, ha ha. Party it is!!! I :heart: TouringPlans.


I agree! We need to do some sort of virtual party next week.

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